MechAssault 3 Coming; Possible Announcement Summer 2012 writes, "Back when I was an original Xbox Live beta tester, I played ridiculous amounts of MechAssault on the Xbox. I had never really played a mech-style game before this point, but the game was fun and addictive. Now that we’re over six years into the cycle for the Xbox 360, it’s hard for me to not wonder where Mech Assault 3 might be hiding."

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Dlacy13g2288d ago

This news excites me to no end. I enjoyed the hell out of Mechassault 1 & 2. Lets hope this isn't just a rumor.

FlashXIII2288d ago

This would be awesome. I hope it's a proper retail core non kinect game. Even if Halo 4 flops, this could possibly make my year as a 360 owner if true.

Yomaster2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

...would be freakin AWESOME! A new MechAssault game has been due for far too long now. Honestly, it's been so long, I almost completely forgot the game once even existed!

FUUUU- I want to play MechAssault now.

sonicsidewinder2288d ago

It's about TIME!

As long as it has Korn and Papa Roach music again :P