Gamestop/ EB Games Canada Gaming Deals: Jan. 13th – 19th 2012, Playstation Vita For $150 With Trades

Trendy Gamers: Yes, there is a deal where if you trade in some games, you’ll receive the Playstation Vita for $150 but the most apparent deal is the one with Spiderman: Edge of Time. If you buy that most recent Spiderman game, you are given X-Men Destiny for free. Trust me when I say that you should stay as far away from this deal as possible.

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SuperStrokey11232103d ago

Now just to find some turds to trade in from bargain bins that work for the 8 dollar min trade in value. Shouldnt be too hard give the glut of games right now.

TrendyGamers2103d ago

Yeah, just head over to Rogers or best Buy and get some cheap used games.

TrendyGamers2103d ago

That Spiderman deal really is terrible.