Final Fantasy XIII-2 Import Review [RPG Site]

Flawed as it might be, this game is a definite improvement over Final Fantasy XIII. While it doesn’t correct every flaw from its predecessor and brings a few new ones of its own, Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes several steps forwards to be that much closer to being the game that the original should have been all along.

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Ranma12376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Crap FF expected. Improvements, what improvements? Oh... they added towns (but you cant enter any buildings, excellent improvement)

Not that 8/10 is a bad score. But for a Final Fantasy game, its below standards.

All the new FF games have been crap compared to all the past ones (especially because they have poor stories)

Metacritic user reviews (based on 1000+ reviews):

FF13-2.......5.3 (based on the Japanese metacritic type site: did my favourite series go down the toilet so fast? Theirs nothing "special" about it anymore.

AP2376d ago

Type-0 is really the one to watch, hopefully it comes West/to Vita

NewMonday2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

any news about release date?


i really wish Skaguchi comes back, he can do what Steve Jobs did when he was forced out, return and save the Company, /last Odyssey was great and the Last Story got great reviews, he still got it.

Mykky2375d ago

Gamezone on youtube has a review up of type-0. To be breif, all my hopes for the game faded. I'll be waiting for more reviews but the problems that were adressed were really big!
Check it out:

kewlkat0072369d ago


I don't know what to say...but I think you are right.

Square has been spiraling....I'm not sure what is going on but I remember when "Squaresoft" was able to pump out great new franchises on the Original PS coming from Nintendo dominated generations..

Ever since the merge with Enix just after FFX(The last Great game in the series) it's been down hill....

Since 2001, besides the price of game developments and the west's declined interest in JRPG's, letting go of "Skaguchi" was a mistake. Yeah that final Fantasy movie was a mistake as well and cost them money but there are creative minds out there that cannot be replaced...

still waiting for a Lost Odyssey 2...please

Ranma12376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )


I dont have high hopes for FF versus 13. SE will probably decide to add an auto battle the very last moment.

Am also scared for the FF10 remake. I fear SE will replace the chocobo song with the joke below

AP2376d ago

Is 8/10 really a bad score?

Also, worth noting - you can change the Chocobo song in XIII-2 - it's mentioned in the review.

Tanir2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Ranma your such a troll, a pathetic one at that. Autobattle to Versus 13? really? lol, its a kingdomhearts style gameplay action rpg with world map, cities, vehicles, its made by nomura.

honestly your in every ff13 article saying how bad it is. stfu and leave the series alone if your sick of it, but we know you troll for attention :)

"Not that 8/10 is a bad score. But for a Final Fantasy game it is. "


and like the troll you are you don't acknowledge KH:birth by sleep, World ends with you, Type 0, and the upcoming versus that already has Gameplay trailers out for like months.

but no....trolls can't read and know nothing because they are under their bridge

KeybladeMaster2376d ago

How dare you sir speak ill will of Versus XIII. You don't even know what the story is about or how the characters are or even know how the battle system plays. Nomura has never made a bad game. I don't see him starting now!

Godmars2902376d ago

Tired of people saying that Sqaure added "towns." They added crowds. Crowds of people who do nothing but stand/walk around that may or may not have monsters in it.

Reborn2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )


You may dislike the game, its content, its reasoning for being like it is.

However, why the heck are you always first to slam an article about it? You'd think you'd just move on, since you really don't say why, you just slate whatever they've done.

How is 8/10 bad btw?

BigDollarZoe9542375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

@Reborn Ranma loves Trolling lol this guy is all over the place in each article talking the same thing if you don't like the game it doesn't interest you don't worry about it Japanese this Japanese that everyone has there opinion this guy doesn't have one he let the Japanese make it for him

Slade2376d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

can you stop being a troll?

FF13-2.......5.3 (based on the Japanese metacritic type site:


FF 13 HAD AVERAGE REVIEWS OF 8.4 on gamerankings, a better site than meta critic which includes more reviews



How do you quantify .2 much? I mean come on. The trolls need better ammo

GraveLord2375d ago

We get it. You hate Final Fantasy. Now stop spamming your stupid blog. User Reviews aren't a good source for criticism. if that was the case I wouldn't have bought Modern Warfare 3.(I am enjoying the hell out of this game)

sirdrake2375d ago

your apparent Japanese metacritic site is a bullSh*%# link directory.

Sprud2375d ago

lol, you are trying too hard. Life must suck when all you can do is hate and troll.

EmperorDalek2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I've seen you copy and paste that same comment for the fourth time.

We get it, you hate XIII, as do many people on the internet. But bringing up a website that I've never seen on N4G (from my 3 years) isn't helping your cause. User reviews are pointless. MW3 has a 2.9, DA2 has a 3.9 and Skyrim also has a 5.3 user meta (all on PS3). Notice something? these, along with FFXIII-2 are generally hated on the internet. FFXIII had hype, so that got higher than deserved reviews, and XIII-2 has almost no hype, and tons of hate.

RedDead2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

This site gave FFXIII a 8.5/10

Credibility = naught to me

Wow hypocrisy sinks in again
"Final Fantasy XIII-2 takes several steps forwards to be that much closer to being the game that the original should have been all along."

FFXIII ______8.5
FFXIII-2 ______8

How does it make sense?

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TheColbertinator2376d ago

Hopefully Type 0 and Versus XIII correct this.

Ranma12376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

SE has disappointed with everything they released that we thought would make that company excellent again.

FF13, had high hopes... completely disappointed

Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday...horrible story

Mind i need to explain myself?

Final Fantasy XIV...this is just chobobo vomit

FF13-2, looks like it will disappoint (thats 3 disappointing FF games in a row , many would also include FFX-2 and FF12 making 5) the list goes on !

Slade2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Are you daft? no offense but you pick the games you thought were bad.

the world ends with you

dq joker 1 and 2

dragon quest IX

the new ds front mision game

ff revant wings

ff crisis core

saga 1 and 2 remakes

tactics advance 2

I could keep going.

Stop painting a false picture

ff 13-2 is exciting people everywhere

ff type zero is great

rocket slime 3 is great

I can go on and on

Godmars2902375d ago

The point Ramnma1 is making, the point that has been made numerous time before, is that Sqaure's performance on HD consoles have been far less than stellar.

I mean that literally every game you list is not a PS3/360 or HD game. Not one. And we're talking about FFXIII which has as it and XIII-2 have become a great divide between fans.

Square has failed to find itself on HD consoles, and they do not deserve to be rewarded for that in terms of sales. Certainly not in terms of praise.

Valorous_Entity2376d ago

I don't care how XIII-2 scores it just doesn't appeal to me. I'm somebody that is invested in the game's story and characters and those components are important for me to fully enjoy the whole game (especially for RPGs) And from what I've seen of XIII-2 it's lacking in both. Their are things about the gameplay I don't like either but I won't get into that.

The faster this comes out the better, maybe then we can get a real release date for FF Versus XIII.

KeybladeMaster2376d ago

I see we are on the same page. I can't wait for Versus XIII. It looks like the game I always wanted Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts to be.

Nazo2376d ago

I've been playing the Japanese version and I think this is a pretty fair review. I'm really enjoying the game and it makes a lot of improvements over XIII but sure, it's not perfect. It's definitely more of a FF game though.

PCE2376d ago

8/10 is a great score. Perhaps this site doesn't throw 10/10 scores like candy similar to IGN and to a lesser extent GameSpot. The scoring system really sickens me at the emerging of perfect 10 reviews. GTA IV is an excellent game, but my opinion of the game would be much closer to 9/10 than a 10.

It's good Square-Enix made an attempt to fix some of what was broken about FFXIII. I have a little more respect for Square-Enix because of that even if this new game still has some glaring imperfections. I'll pick this game up when it gets an inevitable price drop.

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