1UP reviews Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3

As for today, the arrival of Unreal Tournament 3 stands to be one of the highlights of the year for Net-connected PS3 owners. For many, this will be a fresh experience, lessening the impact of the modest mode options and lack of some fan favorites from prior versions. At the same time, the lessons learned over the years of iteration and the sparkling new graphics engine make this the latest and greatest version for fans of the series. While that experience factor also benefits the bot A.I., that shine may wear off fairly fast for those not planning to play online.

Whether or not you'll find a community playing this game in a year leads back to that earlier question of just how close PC and console gaming have become...and your response to Unreal Tournament 3 will help shape the answer.

Score: 8/10

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boodybandit3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

online for a couple hours today I have to say I am a little disappointed with this score. I was suprised how well it plays online with a controller, how smooth it runs and how incredible it looks.

I think it deserves a rock solid 9. I understand the campaign mode is slim but UT has always been about the multiplayer and it runs GREAT!

SmokeyMcBear3874d ago

dude.. its on ps3, what did you expect?

jackdoe3874d ago

Sigh. UT 3 has a metacritic score of 86 on the PC. PS3 score shouldn't be that different since the two versions are IDENTICAL. So 1up is not "teh bias", just following what everyone else is giving the game.

PS3PCFTW3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

you know if this was an xrod/pc exclusive it would have gotten a 9.7.

rofldings3874d ago

Lame. 1UP gave 8/10 to R&C too. Didn't they preview this game on the 1UP show a while ago and they were praising it? And then they come out with an 8/10.

Thanks for the review, MicroUP

Everyone seemed to be enjoying it, except that ugly "woman", of course. :)

Bnet3433874d ago

8/10 was such a bad score. Why do you care what 1up gives it? Did that 8/10 they gave it stop you from buying it? You got the game and enjoyed it right? I don't see what the fuss is all about, I mean if you really cared about game reviews that much ..... :/

PS3n3603874d ago

This game owns halo 3. If you like halo when this comes out on 360 your going to jizz your pants. On the PS3 it runs smooth as silk with Gears graphics and faster than Halo. This game shows off what the ps3 is currently capable of. Even if your a diehard 360 fanboy do yourself a favour and try this game it will blow your mind. This is gonna sell millions of consoles.

barom3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Why the hell would they put Garnett on UT3? That Patrick (Klepek? something) dude was the one who's been doing all the previews both in magazines and on both the latest 1up shows were they talked about UT3. Also I remember on one of the podcasts (one with Jane Pickard or something), Garnett was hating on the Sony and PS3 (and a little bit on Shane).


shrimpboat3873d ago

I've been playing the Single player and online and I am very impressed at how good it runs on and offline. I thought it would get at least all 9's across the board but like you said "it's a PS3 game" All reviewers do not seem to give the PS3 versions any attention and just run through them when reviewing them then post a bunch of crap online about how the 360 version was better, we'll for one they play the 360 version all the way through then paly the PS3 version for like 15 minutes. How can you give a good review like that. The Orange box had a lower review for frame errors BUT THE REASON WAS BECAUSE OF THE AUTOSAVE FUNCTION WHICH IS NOT ON THE 360 VERSION. WHILE THE GAME IS BEING SAVED YOU WILL SEE A LITTLE FRAME STUTTER SOMETIMES WHICH IS NORMAL, BUT SINCE ITS ON THE PS3 THEY SHUN IT AS A ERROR. I no longer trust reviewers. I still buy the game on the PS3 if I want the game regardless what the reviewers say and so far I haven't made any mistakes.

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HarryEtTubMan3874d ago

I know I saw it today and it looked AMAZING and was so intense online... I can't belive only a 8. Im getting this immediately

boodybandit3874d ago

and it worked flawlessly. I am going to go out and pick up a good keyboard and mouse set for it tomorrow. A lot of people are using them online.

WisinYandel3874d ago

Dont mind the reviews. GO BUY THIS GAME! Trust me, its awesome. :)

EZCheez3874d ago

Mind you this is personal opinion.

8 is an awesome score. What takes away from it is the way the review and a lot others are written. When a reviewer seems to cut straight to the negative in the first paragraph, you start to feel as if there might not be that much positive stuff to look forward to, and you might not even finish reading the review. If reviewers would start focusing on all of the things that games did right nowadays rather than what went wrong and possibly save that for last, 8 would feel like a much better score than it does right now.

Reviewers are starting to make games sound like a job, and while I know it actually is their job, they are forgetting just how much fun it really is and instead focusing on what they HAVE to find wrong with a game. Reviewers should feel privileged to do what they do and get paid for it, but most of them would rather downgrade someone else's work made with blood, sweat and tears just because, well, it's their job. This goes for a lot of games like Uncharted and Mass Effect just to name a few. Reviewers are starting to suck the fun out of games.

8 is an awesome score. Remember though, all personal opinion.

socomnick3873d ago

Yo I'm Spanish but I have to say reggeton is for [email protected]

scotthea3113873d ago

picked mine up over lunch and am anxiously waiting to go home and play this. I can't wait to hear "Multiple Kill!!" and "Killing Spree". Hells yeah.

toughNAME3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Oh except when they give a PS3 game a good review...then their just regular bots

toughNAME3874d ago

lol come on thats funny

SmokeyMcBlunt agrees with me

rofldings3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Double Post.

davez823874d ago

bad score, the pc version isn't really getting good scores either so it makes sense, lets just hope more people play the ps3 version

jackdoe3874d ago

Exactly what I keep on saying. Shame that so many 360 and PS3 fanboys don't understand that. 360 fanboys are getting the same game so no point blasting it and PS3 fanboys need to learn that there is not "teh bias" when PC version is getting the same thing.

Kleptic3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

n/m...wrong reply