Impossible to predict Vita's success from Japanese launch, says Sony. We make a prediction anyway

GamesRadar - Don't look too closely at the Japanese launch of PS Vita to second-guess how the handheld's launch will pan-out when its released next month in the US and UK. That's the message from PlayStation's European President and CEO, Jim Ryan.

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Les-Grossman2347d ago

Since it failed in Japan. It is probably for the best to not use that launch to predict things

Virtual_Reality2347d ago

What is the word Fail mean to you?

smashcrashbash2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Don't you know that everyone on N4G is wired directly into Sony's company? They know exactly what everything means and can predict the failure of everything with pinpoint accuracy. There is no way it could not go the way they say it will. Just like with the PS1, PSP and PS2.Sony doesn't know anything compared to the people who write on blogs and gaming sites. They know it all and can see the future before it even happens

metsgaming2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

how does this guy have the same amount of bubbles i do, I mean REALLY !?!?!

I bet you also think the psp failed aswell right?

on topic - it should launch better than the psp did in those regions

KonaBro2347d ago

A brand new handheld at that price doing 500k in the same month that the 3DS had Mario Kart 7 and Mario 3D Land is fine. It's no doing gangbuster numbers like everyone tries to apply to everything. We have no idea how the Vita will do in America so making comments like yours is asinine at best.

Raider692347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Im sure the Vita will not do better in US or EU than it did in Japan.If Sony dont get the price down im even more sure.The playsation brand always sold better in Japan so the japannese sales are only an indication of whats to come if Sony dont get a slice in the price or at least give some better incentives like a free game or bundle a memmory card with it.Not to mention that we have a new home console on the way,the WII U and some people are already saving for it and by doing so, Vita its not an option for the great majority of does people.

ronin4life2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I don't think it will be as successful (focusing on the launch window timeframe) as many n4g regulars believe it will be, but outside that I'm not quite sure.
It isn't facing the same situation it was in Japan, and may have an easier time here. Although, that's not to say it has absolutely no complications to face in the west either.

darthv722347d ago

the sega mega drive didnt have nearly the success in JP as it did in Eur or the US. Just because something doesnt sell well in one area doesnt mean that will be the same in other areas.

Often times people make fun of the 360 sales in JP and yet it does much better elsewhere in the world. Same could be said about many different gaming platforms from console to handhelds.

The bulk of a consoles sales are from two things. Price and selection of games. When you have both then you sell loads. JP sales of the vita will start to hit their stride when at least one of those two are met.

pupa2347d ago

Can anyone say Price-point? Common man if the price could have been just a tad lower.

akaFullMetal2347d ago

For what you can do with that, the price point is great. I don't see how people think this is too expensive, when phones and ipods cost more.

Virtual_Reality2347d ago

The Portable is fine, it could cost more than $300 or $400, that hardware is basically top notch quality.

But the memories to save data is the overpriced thing.

Kurisu2347d ago

I can't predict sales, but I can guarantee you that there will be at least 1 Vita sold on the UK launch: MINE!

darthv722347d ago

i was going to say the same thing.

akaFullMetal2347d ago

I find it so funny that people think that the ps vita is so expensive now that the 3ds is cheaper. When the 3ds launched at 250 nobody thought that either were too expensive. I just keep hearing it will fail because of phones taking the market away and the price point. Everything the psv can do is awesome at that price, but people think its too expensive but will by an Ipod touch for almost the same price, which isn't on par with the vita.

maniacmayhem2347d ago

***When the 3ds launched at 250 nobody thought that either were too expensive.***

I believe people did think the 3DS was too expensive which is probably the reason the big N slashed the price so quickly.

Titanz2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

I'm not arguing with you. Just pointing out the obvious misconception about the value of a 3DS bundle.