No More Planet Mining in Mass Effect 3 (Replaced with Search and Rescue System)

"According to a member from Mass Effect 3's official forum, he/she said that "Probing Planet" is no longer in Mass Effect 3."

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sayedstafa2380d ago

Sounds interesting, hope it makes the game more fun because mining was lame

kneon2380d ago

Not only was the mining lame but the whole premise was just ridiculous. After spending insane amounts of money and resources on Shepard and the Normandy they can't spring for a few upgrades? It just makes no sense.

ShinMaster2380d ago

So is it still an RPG? They seem to keep streamlining and replacing more and more RPG elements.
Haven't really played it since ME1. Tried ME2, but couldn't get into it and Miranda was kinda fugly.

Disccordia2380d ago

Was it ever an rpg? I think it was always a third person shooter with a few rpg elements. ME3 is no different

kneon2380d ago

Well ME1 was sort of an RPG with crappy combat, ME2 was less of an RPG with better combat.

Apparently in ME3 if you want to you can fast track through all the dialog and decision making thus getting you back to the combat quicker, which I guess would make it more like GeOW but with less steroids :) So you have a choice, more RPG or more TPS.

AntoineDcoolette2380d ago

I personally liked the solar system exploration aspect and as long as that's still in tact with several dozens systems w/e

Tony P2380d ago

I hope they get rid of or enrich fuel.

There was really no reason for it to be in the game.

Hitster2380d ago

I hope they get rid of the fuel system, it has no reason to be there, just like the ammo system.

Gamer-Z2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Lets just get rid of everything that makes it an RPG and make it a strait up FPS lol.

Tony P2380d ago

There's a bit of difference.

Ammo serves a richer purpose in changing overall combat behavior. It is a mechanic that affects the game and how you play it in a way that isn't completely binary.

Fuel serves only to curtail your flying around the solar system. There's no benefit good enough and no consequence dire enough to make keeping refueled even kind of interesting.

"Lets just get rid of everything that makes it an RPG and make it a strait up FPS lol."

No genre is defined by bad mechanics.

zeal0us2380d ago

Thousands of years in the future and yet there's still a need for fuel bet all the oil companies are happy.

Probing was a dull experience

I dislike ammo system but it makes me feel less OP compare to a reheating system.

I highly doubt me3 fully going back to its roots even though part of me wish it would.

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cannon88002380d ago

There better be a lot of search and rescue missions then.

WharenPeace2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

To be honest, Mass Effect was never really an RPG (and more like an action adventure game with RPG elements). That became especially evident in the second game. It's also clear that Bioware is trying to emulate Gears of War.

While that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, it is sad to see a once celebrated role-playing developer churning out substandard RPG fare (Dragon Age 2) or generic (albeit enjoyable) action-adventure or third person shooters (Mass Effect).

I sometimes wonder if the lustre of Bioware is wearing off, and whether soon they'll be regarded as a joke (like Lionhead and their godawful fable games).

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richierich2380d ago

Glad the hear this I thought planet mining was tedious and boring

tigertron2380d ago

Well we'd better atleast be able to drive the Mako around.

Rainstorm812380d ago

Is it just me or is ME3 becoming less and less of an RPG and more or a action adventure game with alot of depth

NYC_Gamer2380d ago

that's why i'm skipping ME3.tired of studios looking for massive appeal instead of pleasing loyal fans.

gigreen2380d ago

As much as I'm a fan of RPGs I'm fine with it to be honest.

In my opinion ME1 was never good at being an RPG, ME2 was awesome at being an action adventure though. It seems to work better for this particular franchise.

kaveti66162380d ago

Planet mining was something I read a lot of complaints about on this site.

It might be an element of RPGs but it still was pretty tedious.

Tony P2380d ago

RPG or not it was boring as dirt.

It was so badly designed and so glaringly tedious that I often wonder why they thought to include it.

Motorola2380d ago

ME1 was terrible and ME2 was good so I'm glad that ME3 is going in this route.

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Coolmanrico2380d ago

I did wish the planets in Mass Effect 2 had more side-missions than they did.

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