Video: New Halo 3 Map - Foundry

The Heroic Map Pack has officially been released for Halo 3 and it was enough to drag TheFeed away from Call of Duty 4. Here's some footage of Foundry, the smallest map of the bunch.

In smaller games, this map definitely creates some cat-and-mouse situations and control of the rocket launcher and shotgun are going to be key.

The boxes and fences offer opportunities for skillful jumpers to get an advantage over less skilled players.

All in all, this is a great map.

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Winter47th3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

A girl licking MCs helmet..retardation at its finest.

sak5003629d ago

Nothing short of Battlefield Bad company can wrest me away from COD4 online. Halo3 maps are bland and minute compared to COD4s. COD4 close combat maps are some of the best ones i've played. Reminds me of Strike at Karkand and other city maps of BF.

FirstknighT3629d ago

Fantastic map. But it kills me watching noobs playing.