Kotaku - The Coy Sex and Extreme Violence of The Darkness II

Kotaku - The Darkness II is a video game about restrained sex and unrestrained violence.

It's the kind of a game that will show you, through a half-cracked door, the back of a fully-dressed woman giving a man oral sex but will let you stretch a man, supine, across the length of your TV screen—suspended by the demon arms protruding from your protagonist's body—and than penetrate one of those arms up into his back and then through his chest, murdering him as he gurgles his last bloody breath.

The Darkness II, which I've now played three hours of, is a fun first-person shooter that is begging to be the topic of a psychological profile.

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dead_eye2198d ago

I can't wait for this but I don't think it's gonna be as good as the first one. That is an awesome game. Don't like the score points popping up on the screen when you kill people,

Kal8532195d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one too. If the writing and gameplay are as good as the last one, I don't mind the little score points. The quad-wielding mechanic is pretty awesome. I just hope the new cell-shaded graphics are done well. I remember having the same 2 concerns (pop-up points and cell-shading) for Borderlands, but it came out pretty good.