Asura’s Wrath, and Why I’m Skeptical about It

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte tells readers why he is skeptical about Asura's Wrath. "This week we saw the release on the Xbox live and the PSN of Capcom’s title Asura’s Wrath. After playing the two levels in the demo, it really had me questioning my previous anticipations for this game. When you look at what we know about Asura’s Wrath, there is one thing that is really clear. Asura’s Wrath will have you fighting boss, after boss, with a few quick time events added into the mix."

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AngelicIceDiamond2381d ago

Story (check) QTE (Check) gameplay.....I'm out of checks.

dark-hollow2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Maybe its odd but i liked it.
Its like a bad interactive anime and reminds me of DBZ for some reason.

If it bring a smile to my face for the wrong reasons, it doesnt matter to me. Just like how i enjoyed deadly premonition.

Ill pick it up when it hit the bargain bins price.

AngelicIceDiamond2381d ago

It was on my list at first. Then I forgot Just how many other great games there are. Besides I don't wanna pay 60 bucks on this game to be honest, not that its terrible, I just don't wanna pay full price for this.

grailly2381d ago

I was laughing my ass off while playing the demo, it's definitely a buy for me when it'll be in the bargain bin. the gameplay is really terrible though.

dedicatedtogamers2381d ago

If people liked the gameplay, they should check out the countless Naruto and Dragon Ball Z fighting games. Those games have more depth, more characters, more attacks, more variety, and require more skill. Asura's Wrath - based on the demo - struck me as a very dumbed-down version of the two aforementioned franchises.

Rainstorm812381d ago

Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are just that fighting games where as this is supposed to be an adventure game i suppose.

But they are hardly the same this seems to be more of and interactive movie /anime, more similar to Heavy Rain but with more action oriented gameplay

gamingdroid2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

I actually found the QTE kind of confusing. Maybe the game will ease you in better, but I wasn't patient enough to figure it out when I can just play something else.

I finished the demo, with both chapters and deleted the demo. I might buy the game when it hits $5-10.

It mostly wasn't for me, although I love the art style....

Coheno2381d ago

QTE's on QTE's on QTE's! Also, this is the best Dragonball game ever made!

BigBoss19642381d ago

Game was chock full of QTE it felt like Dragonball Z mixed with Heavy Rain with a hint of God of War

Rainstorm812381d ago

My thoughts exactly, If heavy rain was well recieved there surely can be room for this....its just this has less crime drama and more over the top DBZ style action

Ness-Psi2381d ago

I thought this game was crazy, over the top and awesome. i also remember just after last years E3 the guys who made asuras wrath asked the facebook community if they would like to see this game on Wii U or PC?

I think most went with Wii U. (i know i did)

jthamind2381d ago

skeptical isn't the right word for me. i played the demo, and i'm not exaggerating at all when i say it was a flat out borefest. it was a cool idea (DBZ meets God of War, epic scale and nice art style) executed horribly with some of the worst gameplay i've ever experienced.

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