The E-Rated Games That Corrupt Our Youth

With so much focus on violent, M-rated games, parents are oblivious to the supposedly kid-friendly E-rated ones. After all, if something has an E stamped on its box, it contains stuff appropriate for all ages, right? Not exactly. Here's a list of E for Everyone games that may cause as much damage as the bloody ones.

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MK_Red3876d ago

These games are all dangerous, special Rayman Raving Rabbids which can turn our poor children into mindless carrot eating screaming rabbids!

resistance1003876d ago

lol Classic comment. Bubbles for you (not that you need them)

SpaceCowgirl3876d ago

Just the look of rabbids is enough to give me nightmares. I shudder whenever I see them. I can't believe it is a game which is marketed to children. I want to go hide in between my mattress, the monsters always look under the overs and under the bed, but never in the mattress.

MK_Red3876d ago

Bunnies fact number 46:
Rabbids never look in the mattress.

andron6663876d ago

But the comments on the web site are funnier. The first 5 clearly doesn't get the joke at all;)

lynx1halo3876d ago

single handidly one of the best video game names ever

ShadoWulf3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I'm glad this is a joke. Are you trying to tell me Mario is dangerous to kids? For goodness' sake, kids can use their imaginations to come up with far scarier stuff.

Although, now that I think of it, Battalion Wars II (cousin of sorts to Advance Wars) does have a blatant and somewhat scary disregard for a soldier's life. I felt odd playing it, when the commanders were so happy you made it through, but you lost half of your battalion. "Looks like you're out of infantry! Try to find some POWs!" Or when you lost, "I suppose I'll inform their mothers." :/

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