PS3 Elite Members Will Get DLC “Shortly After” 360, Elite Maps to Have Separate Playlists

MP1st - Call of Duty Elite subscription, coupled with Microsoft’s deal with Activision for one month DLC head start for 360 owner, has over-complicated Modern Warfare 3′s DLC schedule for PS3 and PC players.

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Bundi2109d ago

360 owners are more Elite. Sorry.

dericb112109d ago

Your comments are more dumb.

koehler832109d ago

I'm hoping that's not his actual opinion and just a sarcastic portrayal of Activision's opinion.

Neko_Mega2109d ago

Yes at crying about how they got killed -_-

PC users are more elite, next would be PS3 users then at the bottom is 360 (No clue where Wii is).

I wonder how hard is it to just give us a date?

GamingTruth2109d ago

pc users are more elite nerds

GraveLord2109d ago

Why all the disagrees? There is an Elite version of the Xbox 360 so what you said is technically true.

Biggest2109d ago

But if the elite version of one is only as good as the normal version of others, is it still elite? I would say technically no.

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Mikeyy2109d ago Show
lorianguy2109d ago

Surely PS3 players should have to pay a tad less than full price for elite then.
It says "Buy a premium membership and get DLC before everyone else". Last time I checked "Before everyone else" meant exactly what it says.

Christopher2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Just looked at the CoD:Elite site, and under features this is what it says.

Be on the front lines to test new Call of Duty(r) ELITE features

I looked on GameStop and for the elite memberships and still don't see where they said you get DLC before everyone else.

This isn't to say I agree with their methods, but they aren't saying you get it the same time as all other ELITE members.

lorianguy2109d ago

Apologies, it was a quote from Mr. bowling a while back during an interview.

He stated that a premium membership would result in getting your hands on new DLC first. Which isn't the case all around apparently.

Reborn2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Surprising? No. BS to entice consumers? Of course.

Why anyone is shocked that Activsion pull these things, is beyond me..

Majin-vegeta2109d ago

PS3 members keep getting kicked to the curve every year by Activision and yet they still support them??Yea nice going there guys...not-_____-.BTW i'm a PS3 player and supporting a company that does this is just outright dumb.-End rant.

Solid_Snake372109d ago

Yeah its unbelievable the amount of ignorant sheeps activision has

iMpuTeD2109d ago

so what's "shortly after" hopefully only a week or 2 at the most.

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