Another 16 Minutes of Asura’s Wrath Shown on Video

Capcom Seems to be quite determined to show us as much of Asura’s Wrath as possible. After two previous instances in which they already published more than half a hour of gameplay, today they released another two videos for a total of sixteen minutes.

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Lord_Sloth2350d ago

Maaaaaan. He fixed the typo.

Aww awwwww...

Convas2350d ago

Haha, reminds of something my little bro would say.

Asuwa's Wath. Wabbit. Tiood (Tired).

StraightPath2350d ago

The demo was far from impressive, whole demo was a buttom prompt fest. Not engaging or entertaining at all.

LettingGo2350d ago

Who is disagreeing with you?!? It's the worst demo I've played in a long time. Making enemies big doesn't make it fun. It doesn't even make it epic! Bayonetta and God of War 3 did it correctly. Asura's Wrath is a joke.

Neckbear2350d ago

But God of War stands in the same ground as Asura's Wrath...

LettingGo2350d ago

As's an action game? That's about it.

XIIIWARRIOR412350d ago

I so wanted to love this game. The voices are annoying, the moves are repetitive, the music is stale and as much as I'd hate to bring it up again but the God that tries to destroy or hurt Asura with his finger still freakin annoys the hell out of me. So in other words Id wait till the game hits $19.99


the demo is epic sooo..uhhh...piss off!

BoNeSaW232350d ago

You want me to waste 16 minutes on Asurath's Wrath?!?