Notch protesting SOPA by taking down Minecraft and Mojang websites

Notch confirms SOPA protest plans. Announces he will "silently" take down and on Jan. 18.

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3GenGames2321d ago

Shh, it's a secret to everyone. ;)

Solid_Snake372321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

If the SOPA act passes, i bet all my games that there will be alot of riots

dark-hollow2321d ago

Yeah, that will learn them....

Reborn2321d ago

Unless the government plays Minecraft/likes Notch. This is hardly going to make them rethink.

Kewl_Kat2321d ago

Small changes lead to bigger ones. If you read the article, other companies are also protesting, not just Mojang. I'm sure there's plenty of people who play Mojang games who are still unaware or just don't care about SOPA, and temporarily shutting down Mojang will let them become aware of SOPA. I think Reddit did the same, too. Its protest caused enough outcry that US Congressman Paul Ryan, a hardcore Republican by the way, even changed his stance on SOPA from supporting it to now denouncing it publicly. One company, then another one, then more will follow. Everyone is passionate about his favorite website, favorite game, etc. If SOPA is causing all these things to shutdown, then who do you think the public is going to turn against?

Reborn2321d ago

In that sense, I agree.