Microsoft Search for Gamers’ Favourite Videogame of 2011

As part of Microsoft Studios’ Xbox Insider programme, the team has begun a search for the favourite videogame released in 2011, according to the gaming public. A selection of the most critically acclaimed titles are available for election, from which surely every gamer will have a favourite.

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birdykilla2341d ago

I think their missing Portal 2. Skyrim wins easily without Portal 2. With Portal 2 it still wins, but not nearly as bad. Closest game to Skyrim is Modern Warfare 3 (survey wise) and thats because it sold a shitload of copies more so than even Skyrim. Battlefield 3 has really irked me over the past few weeks, its a really awesome game and I'd really like to fall in love with it only I feel that it pisses me off more than it makes me happy. The sweetness of the game comes around every so often, yet the frustration comes almost every damn match. I'm this close to calling it quits with BF3.

Also that doesn't mean I'm switching to MW3 cause I never bought the game to begin with. Shit I guess I need a FPS MP game. Maybe I'll keep it after all cause there's nothing that exceeds it.

IAmNotAMonster2340d ago

Couldn't agree more about BF3. I was a hardcore COD player on the 360 but MW3 isn't my cup of tea. Just a few days ago I downloaded BF3 on the PC and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I'm chalking it up to the transition from console to PC after neglecting it for so long, but we'll see how long it lasts.

At least MSFT is trying to listen to the community though.