How not to Come Across as a Prick While Buying a Game

Ever worried the staff at your local game shop hate you? Here's a handy guide on why that may be.

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wardrox2349d ago

So many people fail at simply being polite :(

Tony P2348d ago

Just put yourself in the other person's shoes. Do unto others.

It's been said a million times, but millions never do it.

Lord_Sloth2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I stopped going to my local Gamestop when the employees were being a douche to me for not owning a 360 and favoring the PS3 a few years back.

I do my shopping online, at Best Buy because I can never find an employee even if I need 1 (which I don't) or I go to another slightly further Gamestop.

3GenGames2348d ago

Gamestops the one who sucks, not people. You go to buy a game, you're not always a f*****g moron! They they try to buy your used games for $1, try to make you pay to get a "better buy and sell rate on used games!" and it's a total scam of a store, horrible store. Stop trying to sell me 80 things when I want to buy one damn game.

gigreen2348d ago

I love how friendly staff is when you go in a shop in America, you always feel welcomed. I couldn't possibly be impolite to them.

Whereas in Europe many retailers make the "damn, another f****** customer" face when someone enters the shop and can't even be bothered to say hi. Or they act busy or chat with other staff members as a protection shield in case someone dares to demand a service or ask a question.

Those who know both cultures will know what I'm talking about. No surprise people avoid retailers and rather shop online.

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The story is too old to be commented.