Bodycount Studio Closure Sparks Work Ethic Allegations

SPOnG: "A former programmer at Codemasters' shuttered Guildford studio has published a scathing accusation of the company's work practices."

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SolidGear32442d ago

What work ethic?! Bottom line, the game sucked.

ATi_Elite2442d ago

No American worker in their right mind would work overtime without PAY!

If i ever receive a check and it doesn't have my correct overtime pay on it i would be standing in the H.R. office with my gun out.

I've seen entire sections of a department walk out and go home when they got shorted $20 and were given a bullcrap excuse so these Devs working on a game and putting in crazy overtime hours for FREE doesn't sound right.

Anyway the game you guys made was total trash and i would leave that off my resume if i were you.

Undeadwolfy2442d ago

Maybe the game was bad, that's not the point here. The point is that the employees got treated like shit, too many times we hear about this. The quality of the game is for a different discussion.

DevilishSix2442d ago

If I was the publisher I wouldn't want to pay for the crap they made and called Bodycount either.

Stansolo2441d ago

The game was a load of shite, I would not pay them in peanuts.