Burnout Paradise: PS3 Footage in 60fps + "Showtime"

While waiting for the Gamersyde Diaries, here come two gameplay clips of Burnout Paradise. The first one unveils the new "Showtime" mode and the latter offers one minute of race (and a nice car wreck) in 60fps. Both clip are from the PS3 build of the game.

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MK_Red3754d ago

If this isn't the absolute beauty and awesomeness, I don't know what it is. Perfect HD graphics, crashtacular and crowded enviroments and crashes, all in 60 frames per second.
Criterion does it again. Pure awesomeness.

C_SoL3754d ago

can't wait for the demo....

rofldings3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

Cell Processed Physics? Do want.

(Download the HD versions)

DRUDOG3754d ago

2 more days...can't wait for the demo!

moses3754d ago

The video was tiny, and is taken from a tv :P, it's kind of hard to determine the graphics. I can see awesome lighting though.

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Douchebaggery3754d ago

OMFG that was amazing, 1st day purchase confirmed.

davez823754d ago

too bad it isn't exclusive

Douchebaggery3754d ago

you define what's wrong with this stupid console war

hulk_bash19873754d ago

Agreed, wat does exclusivity have to do with the quality of the game.

socomnick3754d ago

Not impressed then again I find burnout games retarded.

MK_Red3754d ago

You really need to get your pulse checked.

HarryEtTubMan3754d ago

or maybe ur a little mad biotch becuase this looks and runs best on PSTriple.

Danja3754d ago

Burnout is the best arcade racer...the best EVER...

atleast the PS3 gets best of both worlds...GT5 and Burnout..!!!

MK_Red3754d ago

Agreed Danja.
Burnout is THE best arcade racer. Burnout Paradise + GT5 = Arcade Perfection + Simulation Perfection

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harpua3754d ago

"Both clip are from the PS3 build of the game."

oh, I wondered why this clip looked so much better than the 360 ones, that explains it.

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The story is too old to be commented.