Project Human - New IP From creator of Witcher and Witcher II

G4MERS: "Tomasz Gop, man responsible for Witcher & Witcher 2 is currently working on next RPG game called Project Human. Game is developed by Citi Interactive, creator of Sniper: Ghost Warrior."

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D3mons0ul2351d ago

Hmm, the title reminds me of the cyborg rebellion.

And with upcoming titles like Binary Domain and MGR I wouldn't be surprised if this game had a similar cyborg related theme.

I wouldn't be surprised if more developers decided to hop on the cyborg rebellion theme.

Simon_Brezhnev2351d ago

I wish it was developed by the Witcher team.

closnyc22351d ago

i have faith in this man. He was the senior producer of witcher 2 so as long as he doesnt lose his focus and goes pc first then adapt or port to consoles its fine. He, along with cd projekt along with valve are the last hope for true pc gaming.