Rift Server Shards are Merging

According to Rift server wide Message of the Day and, a few shards or servers are being closed or turned into Trial Shards on January 18th...

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Darkfiber2347d ago (Edited 2347d ago )

Prelude to MMO losing subscribers as time goes on and new MMOs are being released. This happens to virtually every MMO. This means very little and is completely normal for the life cycle of virtually every MMO. Also, lawl at the guy below me saying that TOR is bringing something new to MMOs.

Sadly, most MMOs out there suck at the moment. I love the idea of them but most of them (oddly enough, newer ones) have been sucking more and more as time goes on. Lack of originality is what it all boils down to. The MMO forumla has barely changed over the last 15 years in comparison to other games. It's quite sad. And adding voice acting to a game is merely a gimmick as it has absolutely NO impact on gameplay or the longevity of an MMO. TOR has been out for not even a month and is receiving huge complaints. You think this isn't going to happen to TOR a year from now?

admiralthrawn872347d ago

this needed to happen to them. Shamelessly ripping off a game and directly going after it in your commercials "this isnt azeroth anymore" TOR is successful for adding something new to the table, WOW is successful for mastering the current MMO formula, Rift...well thats just a mediocre knock off that wasn't going to impress very long.