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Scott at The Controller Online writes: "Final Fantasy XIII was one of the more polarizing games of the current generation. Some gamers loved it and defended it, while many were disappointed with the way it played out. Square-Enix, without a doubt, presented us with a beautiful package called Final Fantasy XIII, it just wasn’t filled with the things most people expected from a Final Fantasy game.

While Square-Enix have never actually admitted defeat, the swiftness with which the sequel was announced sort of gave away the fact that they weren’t happy with their effort. Either way, this being only the second, main series sequel in Final Fantasy history, it’s clear Square-Enix still has things they want to say and do when it comes to the Final Fantasy XIII setting. The complaint I heard the most about FFXIII was that it was too linear, and I have to agree. If you were in this camp, don’t worry, XIII-2 is going to offer much more freedom but this isn’t the only change in store for you. Let me tell you what’s new in XIII-2, because there are a number of interesting new ideas at work here."

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KeybladeMaster2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

While I am sure that there will be gamers who will enjoy this game I am afraid to say that I will not be among them. I played the demo. It was more XIII. Personally I didn't like XIII. I am an old school Final Fantasy fan and (obviously) Kingdom Hearts fan. I just personally don't like the mythos, characters or world they created in XIII and from what I have played of the demo, it just seems like more of that.

Again not bashing on people that want to actually going to play the game. I am sure it will be a decent game. Of course that's not how I was brought up to expect of a Final Fantasy title. I was always brought up to expect GREAT games from Final Fantasy. So those who will get enjoyment out of it, more power to you.