The Top Ten Metal Gear Deaths writes, "A few weeks ago The Angry Pixel released their Top Ten Video Game Deaths in which they picked MGS3's The Boss as the winner. We responded and realized that there are at least nine other Metal Gear deaths worth considering. Come find out if we chose The Boss as the most memorable Metal Gear death - you might be surprised."

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Itachi3876d ago

the most satisfying kill was

The End he was one tough SOB

Itachi3876d ago

How many of you didn't want to pull that trigger

BSigel813876d ago

The End fight was one to be remembered, I can still visualize running around that big plateau and dodging shots and sneaking up on him. Those were good times that makes me want to play that again....(loads disc in PS3).

Retro-Virus3876d ago

Sniper Wolf, Period !

The way Solid-Snake dodged that shot, flipped backwards, picked up the sniper and blew her off.

Snake FTW !!

grafik3875d ago

Snake roxorz my boxorz

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The story is too old to be commented.