Namco Bandai Search for Top Soul Calibur V Players

To celebrate the launch of Soul Calibur V next month, Namco Bandai Partners UK are starting the search for the UK's top Soul Calibur V player. Gamers will be given the opportunity to attend the Soul Calibur V launch party at The Chapel Bar in Islington from 12 - 6pm on Saturday 4th February 2012, where some of the world's biggest fighting game champions will be in attendance. There will be a limited free bar and entrance will be permitted on a first come first serve basis for up to 200 people.

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Foliage2377d ago

Soul Caliber is a complete joke, it always has been. Why not look for the top Mortal Kombat player while you are at it?

Complete waste of time.

Tanir2376d ago

are you kidding me? and what do you play? Tekken? now thats a joke, tekken tag 2 doesn't even have better graphics than SC4, the gameplay is stiff as hell and those juggle combo's make it a "who ever hits first wins" fight.

unless you like Blazblue, Kof, DoA or maybe SF4 then it doesn't make sense to bash this game.

especially with the character creation being so deep and amazing