The Neglected Majesty of Videogame Soundtracks

GR's Jordan Garland writes:

In any form of media, sound is not only an integral piece of foundation for your body of work, it has the power to evoke hitherto unknown emotions and sensations within. I know that sounded like the beginning of a media students' essay but I don't care. I am, of course, not talking about the sound of an enemy soldier's brains being casually splattered over the wall behind him, nor the sound of twisting metal as you crash feet-first into an innocent bollard, I'm talking about videogame scores.

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TenSteps2325d ago

I feel the need to post some of my favorite cideogame soundtracks.

Chrono Cross - Scars of Time
FF8 - The Loser
Foklore - To The Unknown World
Castlevania SotN - Dracula's Castle

Actually anything from Symphony of the Night. Anyone care to share their top soundtracks.

BillytheAlien2325d ago

Why is it FF7 gets praised for EVERYTHING when other FF games do most things better then that game

In my opinion and judging from most of the commons on forums FF8 soundtrack was outstanding. Something which really set it apart from other FF games at the time it came out.

Liberi Fatali, The Landing, Force Your Way, Never Look Back, Waltz for the Moon, The Man with the Machine Gun, Only a Plank Between One and Perdition, Succession of Witches, The Stage is Set, Premonition, Eyes On Me....and their just from the top of my head.

TenSteps2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I think the answer to that is the fact that FF7 is most gamer's introduction to an FF game, at least many people from the generation today that does these articles on web sites.

So the actual factor is on the whole perception, considering that this one's first experience it all feels new therefore it all feels fresher and when another game comes out with the same focus (story driven, combat driven, etc.) there becomes a base from which one judges. So that "new" feeling is gone and the amount of excitement one gets may have been increased but not as drastic as that first time.

Plus it may just be the writers opinion. Either way FF7 did it's things well enough that one can justifiably and arguably put in these kinds of lists and praise it as the "best" considering in the end it's all about opinion.

Hyperbomb692325d ago

The man with the machine gun is probably my favorite FF song, the Black Mages version is really good just not techno-y enough lol

LiamIRL822325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

So many games have ourstanding music. My favourites are:
FF6 to FF10 (Nobuo Uematsu is the greatest game composer of all time)
Silent Hill 1
Assassins Creed 2 to Revelations (Jesper Kyd is fantastic)
Chrono Cross
Zelda Twilight Princess
Halo series
Super Mario Galaxy has an amazing soundtrack

synchroscheme2325d ago

Demon's Souls had a brilliant soundtrack(Dark Souls' was okay, but not amazing).
Everything Jeremy Soule has worked on including the Guild Wars and The Elder Scrolls games is also fantastic.

Music is also just such a huge part of the nostalgia factor in a lot of the games we grew up with.

CrescentFang2325d ago

Norihiko Hibino, Kenji Ito, Ippo Yamada, Yukihiro Jindo/Falcom and Yuzo Koshiro are my favorites that I can name off the bat.

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