Microsoft 'would rather be finished with Indie Games', says indie developer

Indie developers have expressed their disappointment over Microsoft's decision to give Xbox Live Indie Games less exposure on the new Xbox 360 dashboard, with one developer suggesting that the move may force him to stop developing games for the format.

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darthv722290d ago

as a gamer I am seeing loads of new indie stuff on xbla. I just dont see where there is a problem with finding it. type...indie. How hard is that? I have to do the same thing when looking for new arcade stuff and games on demand.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32290d ago

They basically want ads for the Indie games, but they don't want to come out and say that because that would be hypocritical. I was going to say Arcade games don't have ads either, but then I see the Shadow Complex ad. I love the new dashboard because it's faster and it has 100% voice command, which is sweet. But I do understand where these Indie devs are coming from because the Indie and Arcade section HAS been pushed further back into the system; it's not by a lot but it's definitely out of sight more than the previous dash. It would've been nice if MS thought about being able to move the different categories around to suit people's taste. And also, if they're going to have an ad for an Arcade game, then they should have one for Indie games, although that was the first ad I noticed for an Arcade game.

darthv722290d ago

I am betting they are wanting to be incorporated into the new releases section of the games channel. I tend to look there first to see

As it shows both arcade and 360 games it doesnt show new demos of these games. Seems to be only the full games and pricing. So I have to go to the demos section to see the new demos and the arcade section for new arcade demos and of course the indie section for new indie games.

The new release section would get overly cluttered with all sorts of material if they added indie stuff. They could use a sorting option like they do in other sections. So you could sort by arcade or indie but still I find it just as easy to go through the game types.

Now this may seem really strange but what I dislike about the new dash is that you cant browse through the different ads. YES you read that right. I may want to watch a funny vid that is part of an ad but when you change the channels (like from games to social) and you come back to the channel that had the ad, it is a different ad.

I was trying to show my kids the doritos superbowl commercial contest (which was only selectable as an ad in the lower corner) and when I went to find wasnt there. The ads are random but sometimes there are ones that are far more common than others (chuck norris WoW ad Im talking about you!).

People may hate ads but there are some that are worth seeing and when you want to see them again, you just cant because there is something else in place. No matter how many times you flip through the different channels (video, games, social, etc) you wont get it back. Grrrr!

Why o why2290d ago

fair point darth but you can alwaysnuse the youtube service for those adds if you really wanna see em.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32290d ago

What I meant by ads, I was talking about the Home section ads. There is an Indie game ad on the Game section screen, but these Indie devs probably want some of that Home section real estate, since that's the first one that pops up first when you sign in. I think the Indie section needs some type of Killer app, so more attention can be brought to that area, MS may be the ones that'll have to do it. In the console arena MS is the only one making it easy for "garage" developers to get their games closer to the big leagues...

Cajun Chicken2290d ago

I can't wait to see what developers do with the increased size allowance!

FrigidDARKNESS2290d ago

I find this story hard to beliece. This is the opinion of one developer who may be butt hurt at MS.
I think majority of indie developers won't walk away from the worlds largest on line install base.

Sprud2290d ago

Reviews are also the opinion of one person, yet those are considered divine truth here on n4g. Except of course if the reviewer has a different opinion than yours, then it's either biased or looking for hits.

LettingGo2290d ago

Actually, the PSN and Steam both have more active users. :)

Hicken2290d ago

THIS is one opinion, yes.

OTHER opinions have expressed distaste about Microsoft's treatment of indie developers. Indie devs being disappointed by Microsoft is nothing new.

gamingdroid2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )


***OTHER opinions have expressed distaste about Microsoft's treatment of indie developers. Indie devs being disappointed by Microsoft is nothing new.***

Ironically, no other console manufacturer than MS offers ANY indie gamers the ability to publish their game for less than $100, but MS get flack.

Try do that on PSN or Wii? The SDK alone will set you back $1800. Neither PSN or Wii services exactly has these cheap (and often [email protected]) games from one-man studios like MS offers. You don't hear complaint about other services, because they are essentially non-existant!

This is more a case of "biting the hand that feeds you". I invite them all to go to PC, but I bet you they will all use XNA to make their game on PC too!!!

Why o why2290d ago

how much is it to publish those 'often crap' minis on psn..... Cant be that much, surely

gamingdroid2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

@Why o why

I don't know the cost of the minis, but I do know you need the SDK to even create content for it. The SDK alone cost around $1500 and that is after they dropped the price....

Apparently people want it free on Playstation.Blog.Share with over 200 votes.

On Xbox 360, the dev kit (aka XNA) is $100 and allows you to publish 20 games. You can use the SDK/XNA for free on PC and it is easy to port games from PC to Xbox 360 to boot.

radphil2290d ago

"I invite them all to go to PC, but I bet you they will all use XNA to make their game on PC too!!!"

You know there's literally 100+ other coding programs people use and get by just fine, if not more, than XNA.

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StifflerK2290d ago

Indie games are in the exact same place as the Arcade + Games on Demand games .

(Games -> Downloadable -> type ....... and that's it.)

In fact, there's a link on the 1st page of the downloadable games section that takes you straight to the Indie games section , plus they also feature in the recommended section .

If anything Indie games are getting more attention then before ....... and they still complain.....???

darthv722290d ago

indie game prices have increased. The median price for indie content was around 80 points and now it has gone up to 200+/-.

Slade2290d ago

microsoft will be the one out of gaming full time after this gen

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32290d ago

Hope you're not a gambling man.

Slade2290d ago

why not? every report seems to think so.

Every report claims microsoft could care less about gaming and just wants tv services to your living room

Faztkiller2290d ago

I doubt that but it wouldn't bother me seems all they care about anymore is kinect.

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