Help! My Wife Stole My Xbox!

Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation

Ryan recently had situations fall as to where his traditionally non-gamer wife jumped at trying Batman: Arkham City and is now hooked on L.A. Noire. What is it about these games that draws a non-gamer who traditionally avoids the controller like the plague to get so in-depth as to have a desire to complete a game? Better yet, what should Ryan have in store for her once she's done so he doesn't lose a gamer partner? Read in to see his opinions, and please drop some of your own!

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RyanDJ2257d ago

Seriously, all, if you have any suggestions after reading this article as to what would fit well in the hole that will be left by a completed L.A. Noire for my wife, it'd be appreciated. She's really enjoying this, and it could be a bridge for us to game together! So far I've thought Mass Effect (great story, but she's not good at shooters yet) or Phoenix Wright (the puzzle elements, but she loses the realism). Red Dead was suggested, but she's not too into Western themes. She might enjoy it once she tries. So any other ideas?

BattleTorn2257d ago

I'd suggest Mass Effect (I think you can turn the difficulty down, so to minimize the 'shooter' difficulty, and emphasize story/plot)

(also ME2 looks significantly better on PS3, cause it was release a year after 360... n I'm an Xbox fan)

I'm presumming what she's looking for is more Cinematic, than action.
So perhaps Alan Wake, or Heavy Rain.

RyanDJ2257d ago

I hit "agree" and it added a "disagree" :/ A lot of friends are suggesting ME. she likes thrillers, but not horror, so that is a fine line. Where does Alan fall? Also *SPOILERS FOR HEAVY RAIN* i hear HR breaks a major entertainment rule for my wife...death of a child. Breaks her heart, no matter how subtle, if it happens in a movie.

gaffyh2257d ago

@Ryan - There are multiple endings for Heavy Rain, it is by far the best game to match your needs, so I'd highly recommend it.

puffkix2257d ago

@gaffyh Yeah but the whole basis of the plot is the effects that the death of a child has on a family.

But it is a really good game, one of my faves.

vudu2257d ago

Seems like story driven games are the interest. Arkham Asylum and Alan Wake are a couple ideas.

SuicidalTendencies2257d ago

Deadly Premonition might be worth a try. My girl was hooked on it after watching me play it. The story was great and the characters were very interesting. Just keep in mind that it's not really a high budget game.

RyanDJ2257d ago

@gaffyh (as I can't reply to a third link) isn't there a pretty much guaranteed child death though? I hear tale of a scene in a mall. Also, is there a general dread of "what if" to a child? And how well can you avoid those possibilities? In the end, I'll probably play it myself, but dunno if I should open it up to her.

dgonza402257d ago

Well, one of the main characters loses a son at the very beginning.. but the story is mostly about his other son being kidnapped and the search for him.. Really is an awesome story becuase it plays more like a movie than a video game. It's a mixture of the movie Seven with Quentin Tarantino- type of story telling where you follow multiple characters leading up to the conclusion

But it is a PS3 exclsuvie.. so im not sure if you can get it :o

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kube002257d ago

Nothing like your wife stealing your xbox. I think Mass Effect is a great idea. How about Portal 2?

lizard812882257d ago

It's my Xbox and I want it NOW!

puffkix2257d ago

My wife became an avid gamer when were still dating after I let her borrow my GameCube and Super Mario Sunshine. Now she loves playing Gears of War with me... Mario is a gateway game. Just saying.