What's next for Sonic the Hedgehog?

GameZone's David Sanchez looks at how SEGA can follow up Sonic Generations.

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TopDudeMan2135d ago

I liked sonic 4, but it was very much a huge step back from sonic 3, which I still hold as my favourite sonic game of all time. I think if they incorporated 2d elements into their 3d games, then that would be a decent step forward. As in make it a 2d/3d hybrid game. They really need the games to continue on the momentum sonic generations built up.

Hellsvacancy2135d ago

"2d/3d hybrid game" well Sonic Generations did that, you play 2d levels aswel as 3d levels

Its a fun game, my 3 year old daughter LOVES it


i know sonic 4 ep2 is coming but i gess maybe sonic adventure 2 for download on psn and xbl

TheSanchezDavid2135d ago

I kind of want a direct sequel to Sonic Generations with the Classic and Modern stuff in it, but with less of those slow moments. If possible, with no "halt and play this slowly paced section" moments at all.