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"The Zelda universe is filled with numerous bizarre and uncanny personas so we have done our best to narrow down the best candidates (it wasn’t easy), but no more blabbering. Here it is, Addicted-Gamer’s top 10 Zelda Weirdos..."

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Afrobutt2377d ago

i'd say the disco dude from wind waker well outranks most of the characters on this list. either way, fun story

Lord_Sloth2377d ago

I always found the Dash Guy from A Link to the Past to be weird if you consider. He runs away from you and if you catch him he tells you how useful it is to ram your head into things at a high velocity.

Also Happy Mask Salesman FTW!!!

Raimond2377d ago

Happy Mask Salesman definitely ftw!

Pozzle2377d ago

The post-man from Majora's Mask should be there. The moon is mere minutes from falling and destroying ClockTown...and the post-man is STILL doing his post round because it isn't in his schedule to escape for his life. WTF??

Mr_JOE2376d ago

This wasn't an easy list to put together haha. The team and I went through several revisions. Our original list had about 30 characters (the postman was on it), but we agreed to narrow it down to the top 10 you see here.

Everyone is welcomed to share their top 10, I'd love to see them :)