Top 5 FPS games we'd like to see Next Gen

With next gen gaming the talk of the town, here are five first person shooters that would be good to see reborn on new hardware.

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RaidensRising2260d ago

I'll agree with Perfect Dark as that would make sense considering PDZ was a launch game for Xbox 360.

Isn't Medal of Honor 2 already confirmed for current gen systems?

I think it might be wishful thinking for the others.

Yi-Long2259d ago

... or new maps for BF1943.

ShoryukenII2259d ago

I want Killzone 4 but less like Killzone 1 and 3. More like Killzone 2 (high quality, attention to detail, clans, etc.). It'd be nice if GG actually listened to their fans instead of people who hate Killzone 2. But after what they did, I don't think there are many fans left to listen to. :p

Blogz4Fanboyz2259d ago

i would like star wars battlefront 3! 64 player, full dedicated server support with regional filtering like battlefield 3!

a next-gen tenchu would be great as well. with on-line 16 player-vs-environment missions.. i think teaming up and making full scale stealth attacks on castles and fortified towns could be great.

oh, a decent console battlefield as well

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Noteworthy2260d ago

I'd back Perfect Dark, say what you will about Zero I still spent most of the Xbox 360 launch time on that game and enjoyed it despite its flaws.

Also, it means Rare can start making 'serious' games again.

jazzking20012260d ago

i'd def like to see Duke Nukem next gen

MariaHelFutura2259d ago

Then you should probably start making it.


guitarded772259d ago

The way Forever's development went, he probably should have started making it 10 years ago.

urwifeminder2259d ago

I was one of the few who enjoyed MOH airborne online one team drops in one defends it wasnt perfect but i had some top fun defending the church.

PCgamer4ever2259d ago

Half-Life 3 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2,what else?

SolidGear32259d ago

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 3 is what you mean. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 hits this year for PC/360 and PS3

PCgamer4ever2259d ago

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 more possible launch in 2013 and it will be a next-gen PC-game,for consoles PS360 don't be so sure,maybe for the next-gen consoles.

vortis2259d ago

If Stalker 2 is on PS3/360 it will be a dumbed down mess with all the memory limitations. I'd imagine the maps will have to be sectioned off and far less evolved, almost like Borderlands.

I agree with PCgamer4ever, I don't want a dumbed down PC port because of limited current gen consoles. I'd rather they go all out for next-gen consoles instead.

ATi_Elite2259d ago

I wish STALKER 2 would just stay a PC exclusive cause the game is just too big for consoles. I fear it will be dumb down.

HL2 Ep3 will be on the Next Gen consoles.....or maybe even the Gen after that if we go by Valve time.

vortis2259d ago

Completely agreed. Current gen consoles couldn't even run the first STALKER without them having to remove a lot of its ecosystem due to RAM would just be a mess.

Did GSC confirm that STALKER 2 is going to be on the 360/PS3? If so it'll probably be like Crysis 2 =(