Rockstar interview shines new light on the guns of Max Payne 3

n less than two months, Max Payne will finally end his eight-year hiatus, making a multiplatform comeback that promises to update his groundbreaking, shootdodging action while still retaining the things that made the Max Payne series special. So far, we’ve seen the “new” Max fight through the streets of Sao Paolo with slickly realistic animation and his characteristic, Hong Kong-action-movie-inspired flair, but more than anything else we’ve seen a lot of awesome-looking, slow-motion gun-porn. This is a game that repeatedly reminds us, through meticulous attention to detail and dramatic bullet-time close-ups, just how important firearms are to its gameplay and overall character. So to get a more detailed idea of just what those firearms will offer, we caught up with Rockstar’s VP of product development, Jeronimo Barrera, for a quick chat about what to expect.

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BillytheAlien2324d ago

Wait....who's that in the picture holding the gun, is it Bruce Willis or Zach" Galifianakis


Oh wait I forgot it's supposed to be Max Payne

Sorry but it's hard to remember a character when they look nothing like themselfs.

ThichQuangDuck2324d ago

Game play looks like Max Payne and the game looks fun that should be what matters more. There is flashbacks to where he looks like classic Max Payne. If anything complain about the fact that it is not Remedy working on the game. I still think it looks very good whether I am playing as Zach Galifinakis as a hangover twist or Bruce Willis in Die hard I will have fun.

Solid_Snake372324d ago

Its SÃO PAULO not sao paolo