Why Microsoft Desperately Need A New Console

Microsoft may have the majority share of gamers this generation but out of all of the console manufacturers they are the only one who need to make a next-generation console.

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TomInc2375d ago

I agree with the point about disks... But what would they use instead? Could they actually implement Blu-Ray?

Colwyn2375d ago

The xbox is amazing and a new xbox isn't needed at this point. They're still stretching their legs with kinect ,and a bunch of good games will be releasing this year such as halo 4 and Alan wake. It would be nice to have a new console but it isn't needed.

stvn_k262374d ago

a bunch of good games?? I mean 2 games mean a buch for you??

gigreen2375d ago

I'm pretty sure they will avoid Blu-ray like the plague.

SD cards would be a possibility, if there's a way to put a secure copy protection on these things. Maybe unique keys that have to be registered online.

Persistantthug2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

32GB+ SD cards are too expensive....we'd be looking at something worse than N64carts price wise.

Microsoft isn't a real hardware company, nor do they have any real ties to what choice does Microsoft really have?

50GB+ disks for less than $1. What's good about avoiding that?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2375d ago

Uhm ya. I don't think that the number 1 selling console in the United States, that has done better now in it's 6th year than any other year before, and didn't even have an official price cut in 2011....

I'm not thinking they "desperately" need a new console.

Sonyslave32375d ago

Agree Ms don't need no new system anytime soon.

Frankfurt2375d ago

Yep. Why would they lose hundreds of millions in new hardware that won't be profitablke for a couple years, when their current console is making them so much money?

BattleTorn2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

The reason that the 360 has sold so well in it's later years, is because they've successfully re-marketed it by using kinect (aka shifting focus)

It's the same reason why the Wii sold so well, compared to PS3/360; it's because it was marketed to a non-gamer/casual demographic.

In order for MS to keep the 360 alive, selling-well, and fully-supported for years into the next-generation, they had to re-market it as a multimedia and motion-control device.

I'm hoping that this "shift in focus" signals that MS is getting to unveal their new gaming console.

frelyler2375d ago

Well said, there has been a trend going of developers now using the PS3 as the lead. This makes for better quality games all around. The 360 is however starting to show it's age and certain things that are capable on the PS3 can't be done as well on the 360 (I know the phantom disagrees are coming, but it's true). This is one of the reasons for the focus shift and it has obviously worked really well. The wii was way under powered compared to the other "HD" systems, but it sold crazy numbers and better. M$ realizes they don't have to do a damn thing but keep trending towards the casual crowd while throwing a bone to the "hardcore" every once in a while. It is going to be a game of chicken when it comes to the new consoles and it will be fun to watch.

sikbeta2375d ago

lol right, IF the best selling console manufacturer at the moment "Desperately Need A New Console" can't even thing how desperate are the other two -_- at least Wii-U is coming this year :P

But tbh, it's time to move on, we need new consoles! yay! :D

JD_Shadow2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

You didn't read the article, did you?

It's talking about the issue from a developer POV! Right now, the console is starting to show its age in its components and physical medium. Games right now are exceeding what the 360 can offer, and the space needed on discs are increasing at a faster rate than you might think. MS is trying as hard as they can to not just admit that Sony was smart about building Blu-Ray into the PS3 and using BD discs for the games. Devs were complaining a year or so ago about the need for Microsoft to stop being so stubborn about Blu Ray.

The sales of the 360 wasn't the focus of what the article was talking about. You went to the "sales" card a bit too quickly there, and prolly forgot to read the article.

vortis2375d ago


From a development point of view the creativity of the 360 is peaked for core games. If you want innovative indie titles it's still good (i.e., Limbo, Dungeon Defenders).

But let's be honest, we all want to completely level cities in games like Battlefield 4 or walk into every building in a game like GTA VI and THAT is not going to happen on an Xbox 360. A lot of fanboys hate to think that their console is dated but gaming wise most of 2012 will be a retread of stuff we've already played.

I'm ready and willing to embrace the future of gaming.

sticky doja2375d ago

"Devs were complaining a year or so ago about the need for Microsoft to stop being so stubborn about Blu Ray."

Its not being stubborn. If Microsoft made a blu-ray addon which some devs made games for the dev would be retarded because they would be alienating millions of customers who did not buy said addon from being able to play their game. Even if they made a 360 with built in blu-ray drive it would still alienate the millions who already own consoles.

Microsoft is not "stubborn about Blu Ray." It was a dev decision from 2003-2004 to keep the price of the hardware down for the forseeable future and in my opinion it has worked out extremely well for Microsoft looking and sales numbers.

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Bundi2375d ago

Maybe we gamers need a new console but Microsoft as a business certainly do not. They made 6.7 billion (revenue) with xbox 360 last year, more than any other console available.
Xbox 360 is profitable so every console sold is money coming in. Plus xbox 360 covered its costs last year (yes, even RROD billion) and has become a source of profit!
Yeah, they do not need a new console just yet.

GamingTruth2375d ago

cant believe people still say ps3 and 360 are similar or comparable

Persistantthug2375d ago

I haven't seen anything that the XBOX 360 absolutely couldn't do.

Is the PS3 a little more powerful?
Yes, I can go with that, but it's not by any great degree or leap, because everytime the PS3 has jumped forward, the XBOX 360 has been following pretty close by and hasn't been left behind yet.

I'm a hardcore PS3 fan, but I'm just delivering what I've observed over the last 3 years.

GamingTruth2375d ago

probably in multiplats yes and no your not a ps3 fan

stvn_k262374d ago

"I haven't seen anything that the XBOX 360 absolutely couldn't do." I can give you one game that the xbox PROBABLY can't do it, it's called THE LAST OF US, and yes they're in-game graphics naughy dog confirmed it! I know it's hard to believe it, but coming from them; I believe it. And please don't give me any jack about gears of war 3, 'cause we all know epic games had 3 years to set a new benchmark in graphics and they didn't do it. Those are the best graphics you will ever see on the xbox.

annus2375d ago

How AREN'T they comparable? The jump from consoles to PC is larger than the jump from 360 to PS3, but I bet many wouldn't believe that.

Need to change discs? Must need a new console then... /s

vortis2375d ago

Sorry to say, Ace but multiplats are the majority of game releases these days.

With the exception of a few digital and big-budget exclusives both systems are on par. The only game that stands out on the PS3 compared to anything on the 360 is the Uncharted franchise...everything else boils down to gameplay preference.

Now the differences between a PS3, Xbox 360 and PC are huge. Anyone saying those are comparable are just delusional.

GamingTruth2375d ago

yeah pc does a great job in graphics with those games aiming for photorealism now thats a pretty big difference, but i still have yet to see a pc game that makes people go "is that ingame" i still have yet to see a pc game that clothing gets wet and that you can walk in sand and snow and the sand and snow move, water also yeah any one saying they are comparable are delusional i guess

annus2374d ago


What are you smoking? Clothes picking up stuff from the environment (sand, water, whatever) has NOTHING to do with how powerful a machine is, that is a gameplay/graphics DECISION by the game developer. That plays no role in this topic at all. And I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure one of the old Tomb Raider games actually did do the wet clothing.

As far as the 'is that ingame' is concerned, are you trying to say that the PC is worse than the PS3? You contradict yourself by saying that the PC does look better, but then say it doesn't by that statement? Or are you trying to say that they are so good that people just assume that it is a CGI cutscene?

vortis2374d ago

PC version of Just Cause 2 had wet clothing, and water sampling effects over clothing textures.

Also, Project CARS for PC has a lot of people on YouTube who literally said "is that in-game or real-life?"

Don't believe me? Check out the YouTube videos and see for yourself.

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chaos-lockheart2375d ago

We don't need new console,(that would be great though, love new gadgets and toys) but i think they need more hardcore exclusive games!!!!!

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