Nintendo shows off the impressive "Panorama View" feature on the Wii U

Tech Demo of the Wii U's 'Panorama View' feature which was shown during CES 2012. Using the Wii U controller, the Panorama View allows players to view and experience a 360º virtual world around what is being displayed on the TV.

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fluffydelusions2378d ago

It's like Google Street View...

phosphor1122378d ago

The demo itself isn't impressive at all. In one of my media arts classes we bought a usb gyroscope phidget at and plugged it into a modded PSP. We had the exact same sort of thing running on there.

Sure the implications for the types of applications sure is great, but the tech demo itself is nothing impressive. As I said, a bunch of college students just learning how to do this stuff was able to do this.

Dwalls11712378d ago

The only reason im not buying wii u , is because i dont ever want to play another mario game....its time to stop with that franchise

bergoo2378d ago

The million+ that bought Mario 3D in the first month disagree with you.

MaxXAttaxX2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

Mario is not my issue. It's Nintendo's incessant gimmickry.
Just give me a gaming system that doesn't force me to use motion controls or a secondary screen!

metsgaming2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

At first i found it hard to think how this can be used in a game but i came up with a brilliant idea.

Pokemon Snap 2 !!!

Just think that thing is your camera you can move it around to your left and right even behind you. Just like that tech demo. Plus there should be an option to play it normally for people who dont want to do that.

Come on Nintendo its made for it now go and do it !

na-no-nai2377d ago

Fatal frame wii u!!! Gonna one fucking scary game. Ghost doesn't pop up on main screen but once you used the controller to look it appear right in front of the screen

dedicatedtogamers2378d ago

It reminds me of when Sony showed that you could connect the PSP to your PS3, put it on top of your PS3, and use it as a rear-view mirror in GT5 (or was it Ridge Racer?).

And I was just as unimpressed back then as I am by this.

christheredhead2378d ago

The actual demo isn't to impressive. But, the idea of the implementation is. It just has to applied though. I mean, I'm definitely interested to see the use of the tablet in Nintendo games. Should offer varying options of gameplay experiences.

Venox20082378d ago

yea, it will up to devs how will they implement Wii U tablets in games or software

bergoo2378d ago

First player uses the big screen to drive the car
second player uses the WiiU controller for 360 turret gunning!

SandwichHammock2378d ago

I'm impressed, this thing is actually pulling impressive visuals. Berry Nice.

phosphor1122378d ago

It's a "video" of Kyoto Japan made by stitched together camera shots. It's the same tech as Google Street View.. but.. much higher resolution cameras, as they don't have to worry about bandwidth and data-basing issues like Google does.

phosphor1122377d ago

Wait... why did I get 3 disagrees? Seriously?

jacen1002378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

yes this could be amazing imagine BF3 or something similar when 2 team mates online multiplayer enter the plane/helicopter one player flying and the other using the gun with full panoramic view that would be a realy nice touch

Vortex3D2378d ago

If such idea is implemented on racing car games with one person controlling the car, it's something you don't want to do while driving very fast.

If it's implemented into a war car where another person does the shooting, it can still be done on the split screen with traditional controller. With one player, I need to keep my eyes on one screen, not moving my head away to look at another screen.

One thing Nintendo still hasn't demo is trying to use the side controller buttons during heavy shooting. With motion to control the screen by tilting, can you aim as accurate quickly while shooting multiple objects? Everything demo on the Wii U screen controller is on more casual games again.

I'm very curious what Wii U that is so unique that other methods of control simply can't do, but so far, not even remotely sold on anything on Wii U. Everything shown on Wii U looks more like an attempt to sell another console/controller.

I can see Nintendo is trying really hard to show Wii U is fun for multiple players that are stuck on one large screen with one person has the advantage with another tiny screen.(Still remains to be seen how parents are going deal with only one kid in the family gets the Wii U screen while other kids are stuck with Wiimote. And Nintendo is trying really hard not to talk about it).

Also, what does Wii U bring to single player gamer?

bergoo2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

they're showing what can be done with the new WiiU controller....
NOT what you have to do. You can disregard the screen if you like traditional controls. I can guarantee they wont force you to move the controller around to look.
AND if you look closely, you can see TWO wiiU controllers, running the same app, at the same time, on ONE wiiU console

goodfellas272378d ago

I wonder if the controller has wireless limitations since it was plugged in on every demo they showed. Might lag big time.

no_more_heroes2377d ago

It's plugged in so that people can't steal it. Don't think they wouldn't, you'd be horribly wrong.

Colwyn2378d ago

You shouldn't voice your concerns about the wii u unless its positive sir. Let Nintendo make whatever they want. Even if their ideas are things we've seen such as remote play you're suppose to be in awe of everything Nintendo related

Titanz2378d ago

You can say, "the Wii U isn't for me" without sounding pessimistic about it. Saying the system "sux", "welcome to current gen, Nintendo!", or "Wii U will fail" even though we have vague information about it, seems very fanboy-ish to me.

Maybe if you'd criticize in a non-cynical way, people would be more accepting towards your opinions.

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