Capcom Vancouver developing unannounced new IP

New job listing reveals that Dead Rising 2 dev has a new third-person action IP in the works.

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ninjahunter2259d ago

All I want to hear from capcom is lost planet 3 or megaman legends 3.

SolidGear32259d ago

Capcom and a new IP?!?!?! ¤Checks Calendar¤ .. It's not even April 1 .. I'll be a monkey's uncle!

NYC_Gamer2259d ago

they have had new titles but most of them failed

DaveMan2259d ago

Dragons Dogma is a new ip from capcom. So is Asura's Wrath.

So I'm not sure exactly what your referring to

acemonkey2259d ago

capcom new idea if a new IP is remaking a game it be Extreme Ultimate Universe Marvel vs Capcom 3.10 lol

Moerdigan2259d ago

Kinda lost interest in Capcom games, so I'm not expecting much.

DaveMan2259d ago

you do realize capcom is a publisher right? So when a game that is released BY capcom does not mean it's just 1 giant studio coming from them. It's various studios working with different background and techniques.

UnSelf2259d ago

nobody cares about you no more capcom

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