'Kinect Rush' trailer shows how players are scanned into Pixar worlds

XMNR: While it doesn't satisfy our TRON-like fantasies, Microsoft released a new trailer and screenshots from CES on Thursday that shows off one of the unique features of Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure - the ability for players to kind of scan themselves into the game.

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r212229d ago

wow, that was actually a pretty cool looking kinect game. the gameplay better be good as the trailer.

bahabeast2229d ago

i must say thats impressive, it looks realli interesting too bad it aint my kinda game and i dnt hav kids.

IM_KINECTED2228d ago

Wow, that is very impressive looking. I know it's for younger people, but I think I might have to give it try...nothing says just because your a little older you cant enjoy animated shows/movies/games.

Oldman1002228d ago

That kids distracting eyebrows make it a challenge to focus on the rest of the video.