Mario Party 9: Luigi Has Gone Missing

Nintendo has released the box art for Mario Party 9 but one main character has gone missing: Luigi.

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badz1492354d ago

I think Nintendo is going for FF and DQ. Instalment numbers now with this and kart. They are matching Dq number already with 9. FF is next

Sgt_Slaughter2354d ago

And your point is? Nintendo might milk it's franchises, but none of their games are rushed and have too many problems to count. Over the last 20 years, 7 Mario Karts. That's not milking to death now is it? CoD is the definition of milked.

Instigator2354d ago

Nintendo probably felt they've spoiled the poor chap, what with giving him his own game and all this year.

SuperZambezi2354d ago

Luigi hasn't been on the box art of many games and still showed up.

And there are already screens of him in the game so Nintendo did not pull a Waluigi on him. :P