Shocker: Gaikai Think They’re the Future

TSA: "Even without the bonus of speculated partnerships, Gaikai’s assertion that the old model is dying would serve the notion that the new model is in some way winning. It isn’t, at least not yet. The notion that Gaikai and cloud gaming is having an effect on traditional giants benefits them, of course, but it also benefits all of their partners."

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Alos882351d ago

Sounds like a bunch of arrogant fools who think that an idea alone is all you need to outdo the competition. If they had any sense they'd be busy trying to make the best service they can rather than pointlessly beating their chest and praying the big kids on the playground pay them any attention.

mttrackmaster382350d ago

I know right? Gaikai hasn't done shit but make some playable game demos while Onlive already has a solid service setup.