Sony's Festive Mini Mess

TSA: "Not such a happy Christmas."

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lorianguy2228d ago

How strange... Perhaps they tried to transfer it to a new psp after already being on the limit? Perhaps one they got for Christmas?

Either way, I'd call this a good deal anyway. 5 minis from a reasonable selection for £3.19? Great!

hazelamy2228d ago

when these minis were sold, they had the standard terms that all minis do these days about a one time fee, the purchase price, allowing use on up to two PS3s and two activated portable device.
since this screw up came to light, they've changed the license on those minis in the sale to say they're only for ps3 and use on more than one device might require a one time fee.

so now, because they're unwilling or unable to fix this issue they're trying to claim that because these new terms say they're ps3 only they don't have to fis it, when they know full well that the terms as they were when the game were bought applies, not what they changed them to afterwards.

they are now willingly and deliberately trying to con their customers.

it's fraud is what it is.
criminal scum committing fraud.