30 Shepard quotes they cut from Mass Effect

OXM UK: "Words. There are a lot of them in the Mass Effect series, but there are plenty, plenty more on BioWare's cutting room floor. By dint of much time, effort and outright fabrication, OXM has obtained a copy of a canned Mass Effect script, akin to the one leaked via the Mass Effect 3 beta late last year. And they say investigative journalism is dead."

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Jonty2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Funny article. That picture is hella disturbing, though.

Jam_sponge2201d ago


Solid_Snake372201d ago

Shepard loves watching you taking a dump

dirigiblebill2201d ago

Cutting material is all part of good design. Devs should talk about it more often.

Vortex3D2201d ago

Until the real ending is cut to be sold as DLC later. Bioware did say they have to change the ME3 ending after the script leak. Bioware could be saying the new/changed ending is on DLC only.

Don't laugh yet because if EA/Bioware wants you to buy ME3 new, they can easily move the real ending to DLC that is included with new copy or sold separately. Anyone who plays the pre-owned copy gets no ending or fake ending.

SolidGear32201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

'I'm Commander Shepherd and this is not my favorite article at N4G.'

Valorous_Entity2201d ago

Pfff the one about Garrus is hilarious XD.

Stop calibrating things? HA! Never gonna happen Shep.