Quantic Dream Casting Asian Males For Next Project

Quantic Dream’s next project may be starring an Asian character.

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fluffydelusions2324d ago

Asian is pretty broad, does this include Indians too (not that I am one)?

j-blaze2324d ago ShowReplies(1)
TenSteps2324d ago

What did j-blaze say. It has peaked my curiosity.

M4I0N32323d ago

something racist most likely

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2324d ago

An Asian huh

Hmmmmm *strokes beard*

brodychet2324d ago Show
KingofGambling2324d ago

Don't care, it's Quantic Dream ever since Heavy Rain I've been follow this developer.

KrimsonKody2324d ago

I've been in love with Quantic Dreamz' work since Indigo Prophecy (PS2).
They make great games.

Also, if you haven't tried Indigo Prophecy, it's worth the trip back a gen (or 2) to experience.
Plays very similar to Heavy Rain.

KingofGambling2323d ago

Is Indigo Prophecy on the PSN?

TheDivine2323d ago


No its not on psn (hopefully it will under ps2 section) but its on xbl. I played it on my 360 and loved it. Not quite as good as heavy rain but its still fantastic and a must for a heavy rain fan.

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The story is too old to be commented.