Ninja Gaiden III: Xbox 360 vs PS3 comparison footage

So far whatever gameplay video we have seen of Ninja Gaiden III, no matter whether it is from PS3 or Xbox 360, it looked amazing, but the question here is on what platform does it look BEST.

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Yi-Long2235d ago

... I sure hope it will have the option for original voices included.

darthv722234d ago

I know that is the purpose of this topic but realistically that would only apply to those who have both platforms. If you only have one then you would get it for that platform.

My buying habits when it comes to both are centered around price and convenience and most importantly (to me anyway)...control.

Some games I have turned down on one platform and picked up on the other simply because of how it controls and how comfortable my hands are when playing.

I will, however, buy a sequel to a game on the same platform just to keep the games together. I generally dont split up a series unless it spans different generation of hardware.

Yi-Long2234d ago

... I also have both consoles and I just decide on a case-by-case basis for which platform I buy a certain game, depending on a variety of reasons.

blitz06232234d ago

I would like to get this game, but I have no idea why they had to make it more PG. I mean, no dismemberment? C'mon...

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32234d ago

^^^ If it was still a 360 exclusive it would still be of a more mature nature.

gamingdroid2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )


The question is if the game is good at all. Most people on Iberians Realm (hardcore Ninja Gaiden fans forum) including me, have a somewhat negative outlook for this game.

I try hard to stay open, but all I see is destruction of one of the greatest game(s) of all time in my book.

CoLD FiRE2234d ago

@gamingdroid I completely agree. They fucked up the gameplay with this one so bad. So it doesn't really matter if it looks slightly better on one platform than the other. It still plays like shit..unfortunately. Which is really sad as Ninja Gaiden is my favorite hack 'n slash series.

FACTUAL evidence2234d ago

I read a youtube comment, and it says 360 is really showing it's age. I don't think that's the case. I think the ps3 is showing it's age, more devs are getting better at making games for it.

CoLD FiRE2234d ago

Both consoles are showing their age and that's a fact.

Army_of_Darkness2234d ago

Then yes, I agree... But reaching the skill level of Sony's first party, typically naughty dog, Santa Monica and gorilla games, no. Not quite yet.

T9002234d ago

Its always funny seeing console gamers argue about which dated 5-6yr old tech is better. Usually the differences are very hard to tell.

Hahaha, yet when a PC comparison is done they say "oh but we dont care about graphics, its gameplay". Why doesnt the same logic apply in console vs console comparison lol?

wolfofashes2234d ago

Factual Evidence (ever watched Elpresador?).Both consoles are showing their age,but gotta say though the PS3 have a little more life in it than the 360.Xbox came a year earlier,way easier to develop for and the PS3 is in fact a little more powerful overall,but both still got life on them specially if we speak in terms of art.Just as a side note I feel sorry for the Wii U since every tech demo and games they had shown for it until now (with the only exception being Zelda),they look dated already and it the hardware is not even out yet.

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Strikepackage Bravo2234d ago

without Itagaki I fully expect this game to be crap.
Plus ninja gaiden on Playstation still seems weird to me.

Tito082234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Ninja gaiden was supposed to appear on the PS2 until the announcement of the first Xbox, that's where Itagaki preferred making games for Xbox, & that included Ninja Gaiden 1, & in my opinion I like playing those games more with the Dualshock!!!!

If you say Ninja Gaiden on Playstation is weird, then Devil May Cry on Xbox is weird as well!!!!

Now looking at the video, they both look about the same, so no biggy, just to see how the game will end up like!!!!

Prophet-Gamer2234d ago

Yea, I agree. At least to me, the 360 is good for shooters but that's pretty much it. For me, the Dualshock just feels better for everything else, especially fighters, action, and adventure games.

zu4G2234d ago

360 console itself is WEIDER..

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Why o why2235d ago

only difference i see is the contrast. The ps side seems to have deeper blacks.

Megaman_nerd2234d ago

PS3 looks cleaner too, is not just the contrast.

Getowned2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

who cares really as long as this game kicks my ass and gives me a challenge.

Richdad2233d ago

That why I doubt this comparison. Since both consoles are outputting 720p resolution so either PS3 version should have SSAO, better AA and AF. Which I don't think is the case or both consoles are being run on different settings of monitor/TV.

I remember earlier their was GTA 4 comparison It was labeled as 360/ps3 comparison. But ppl said one looked better and other worse, the fact that both footage were of PS3 on different color/contrast settings was revealed at the end of the video.

gaffyh2234d ago

360 version has a higher contrast, but both versions look pretty good.

I wish Capcom would make a damn next-gen Onimusha game already, it would be epic.

Captain Qwark 92234d ago

omg yes love that series.

and xbox looks better, have to even it out a little

Captain Qwark 92234d ago

nah lol this site is so play-station fanboy heavy that i thought it would be funny ( and i was right, 19 disagrees, i def hurt somebody's feelings ). plus the xbox needed some love. reality is though, brightness is the only real difference as usual.

Biggest2234d ago

Nah. Just hurt your own pride. Try not to care about the disagrees so much next time.

MysticStrummer2234d ago

Yeah Quark, no one could possibly just disagree with you, so you must have hurt people's feelings. Give me a damn break.

Bioshocking2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

You know whats weird?

You complain about Ps3 fanboys yet your name is Captain Qwark 9....

I mean are you a fan of the Rachet franchise?

But yeah none of the versions look "better" than the other.

I guess the console you love the most will always look better to you (talking about fanboys... not you)

The only thing I noticed is the textures are sharper on the PS3, but that is it.

On topic with Ninja Gaiden... this game has the most over the top multiplayer I have ever seen

D3mons0ul2234d ago



morganfell2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Captain Quark only joined in 2010. Even so that holiday season there were numerous "PS3 is teh Doomed" stories. Not as bad in years past though.

Had he been here then he would have been treated to a plethora of stories detailing, wishing for, and prognosticating the demise of the PS3. So often it is when the shoe is on the other foot people suddenly complain about the fit.

And yes, the PS3 has a quite noticeable edge.

Captain Qwark 92233d ago (Edited 2233d ago )


yeah im a big fan of ratchet and clank, one of my fav series of all time. and finally somebody who is not a sony fanboy lol or maybe you are but your not dillusional at least. and i agree with you as well when you said your fav console will always look better, im pretty sure fanboys just lie to themselves to feel better about their system

on that note, i personally dont really see sharper textures myself becuase all i see is a game with its brightness set to the max, regardless of the article claiming its not. and "if" it is set to normal than they should prob go in and adjust them to be more similar as to get a more fair comparison. when im looking to compare a games graphics i want to compare things i cant change for example texture detail, sharpness, looking for jaggies, missing/additional assets, etc.. to me this article looks like nothing more than an attempt to get hits and start a fanboy war, which it seems to have succeeded at well

and lastly, yeah the mp looks nuts but im not sold on it lol the sp looks better than ever though so im pumped, i will miss the decaps though :(

lmao man what does my pride have to do with anything? i couldnt care less which system looks "better" becuase i have ps3 & 360, ill get it on whichever i feel like

i have been coming to this site for years before i joined lol i was just in college when i discovered it and didnt have time to chat up the comments section. i seen all the lame ass "ps3 is doomed" articles, once again just more people blowing smoke to get hits. fanboys are easy targets becuase all you have to do is say one bad thing about any console and what do you know, 100 comments/hits in an hour lol look how many responses i got to this as a good example lol i knew i would. recently i have been commenting a lot and typically their rather intelligent ( or i would like to think ) and as unbiased as i can be and i get maybe one or two responses. i comment with something ridiculous like my very first comment and look at all the responses lol

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eferreira2234d ago

ps3 looks a tad better but who is really going to care.

ps3dude442234d ago

i do, because i want the best version.

Rainstorm812234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

The blacks look ashy on the 360 version but im sure you wouldnt noticed unless side by side

But graphically they are the same