Grand Theft Auto 5: Is a Woman the Lead in Highly-Anticipated Game?

The GTA series is basically full of testosterone. But giving the new game a female protagonist would be a nice twist.

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NukaCola2103d ago

I would love a 70s GTA with a character portraited by Pam Grier.

Gamer6362103d ago

That actually sounds like a nice idea

nix2102d ago

would be fun while picking up hookers...

a bi-sexual woman... hmmm...

ATi_Elite2103d ago

Pam Grier A.k.A. Foxy Brown

Yeh that would make a great GTA!

that would definitely add spice to picking up Hookers!

She's a bad mutha...... shut your mouth!

acemonkey2103d ago

lol doubt they will do that...maybe a bonnie and clyde for mp

lorianguy2103d ago

It would be interesting if you could choose a woman or a man as your main protagonist. They could follow similar story lines but feel individual as a result of different traits. It worked for mass effect, so it might be worth seeing what happens.

Rampaged Death2103d ago

I take it you never watched the trailer. The main protagonist is obviously a male.

Tainted Gene2103d ago

You know what they say about "assuming".

"it makes an .....", well you know

ChiVoLok02103d ago

Who cares? Please stop speculating and wait for an official announcement. Getting sick of hearing what people making assumptions over everything.

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