Notch further explains why he does not care about Minecraft's piracy

DSOGaming writes: "In a shocking turn of events, Notch revealed yesterday that it’s okay if people pirate Minecraft. As Minecraft’s developer tweeted yesterday, those who can’t afford to pay for Minecraft can go ahead and pirate it. Just wow. But what does this mean? Is Notch encouraging to pirate his game? Apparently not, as he explained later on that he does not exactly approve it, but thinks that ‘it’s a minor offense in the scale of things’. Notch was also surprised with how the media responded to his views on piracy."

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Hufandpuf2320d ago

I pirate games ALL THE TIME. then I delete them shortly after. And almost 100% of the time, they are games I've already bought like max Payne or command and conquer. My PC can't run current games today so it's not as bad for me because I've been trying out games people have long forgotten about.

FragMnTagM2320d ago

I pirated Minecraft, then bought it shortly afterward. There a lot of games that I pirated simply because there was no demo.

If I don't like it, I delete it.

If I do like it, I buy it when I can afford it.

Not all pirates are dishonest.

Hufandpuf2320d ago

agreed, and it beats wasting money on games you would've bought and regretted it.

ZeroChaos2320d ago

So if everyone pirates Minecraft 2, its ok. Thanks Notch.

RememberThe3572320d ago

Some one didn't read the link lol

ZeroChaos2320d ago

Oh I did. He says that in the grand scheme of things, everything will pan out, a section of piraters will buy the game (though he does like piracy, he not going to fight it).

So my comment was more on the extreme and realistic side of things. Notch says that piracy is ok because it will pan out, if everyone pirates the second game then he will be singing a different tune because he doesn't have the money to begin with to sing that tune.

Harelgur2320d ago

Because hes already a millionare

Giru0172320d ago

So is Kotick (and with many 0's more than Notch) and that don't stop him from crying out against piracy, abusing DRM's and nickle-and-dimeing every customer of his...

mynameisEvil2320d ago

That's because Kotick is a greedy little bastard and Notch isn't.

Well, we're all greedy, so Notch isn't NEARLY the greedy little bastard Kotick is.

Jobesy2320d ago

Kotick is a CEO of a publicly owned corporation dumbass. It's a big difference when you don't have to answer to shareholders.

STK0262320d ago

Notch, and the people working on Minecraft can decide what they do with their product, as they own it. Kotick is the CEO of Activision, he doesn't "own" Activision and CoD, he manages it. The shareholders own the company, and they're not all millionaires who can afford to throw their money away. Kotick's job is to defend their investment.

thehitman2320d ago

yup and the more exposure his game gets even if its pirated the better for him as long as the sales keep him rich.

360ICE2320d ago

I haven't seen this lack of pirate control since I spent three years in Somalia back in the summer of '76... somehow.

thehitman2320d ago

TBH the only pirated games I dled were like Blizzard games that I had already owned lol and like my disc got scratched before they made it where you didnt need disc to play. I had to dl no-cd cracks and pirated versions just to re-dl and play the game I already bought. I rather find the money to buy a game than look to pirate I doubt someone who has an internet connection and a computer has only the choice to pirate due to lack of money. Unless ofc your just a kid whos parent wont buy you the game.

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