Mass Effect 3 Writing the Story Dev Diary (HD 720p)

@Ve3tro: "BioWare Pulse sits down with Mass Effect 3 Lead Writer Mac Walters to discuss the nuances of driving emotion and character development within the Mass Effect 3 world."

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GRRiMREEAPeR2382d ago

I'm sure the game will be fun, I had alot of fun with ME2, but im so disappointing in what i would call squandered potential for the series. I imagine what a focused team could have done with the ability to carry over choices and plot points from game to game. Sure it is still there in some form but it just feels so much watered down...
I hope bioware proves me wrong.. i want to really really love ME3 like i did ME1

krazykombatant2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Oh God.... David Silverman is sooo damn painful to watch.

Ok ok so far, i'm interested that the Citadel will be bigger. The game seems to be going back to its roots of ME1 in storytelling, whilst keeping the action of ME2.

However, problems with this are, why does it have to be like a movie. That being said what sort of movie is it? Michael Bay movie where there are huge cool robots but the story line sucks? Or something epic storytelling and cool action of the original Star Wars trilogy (ie episodes IV, V, VI).

Who the hell would want to play this game at the end?!?!

Like ok sure PS3 only owners can start from ME2 thats alright, but Oh yeah the end of the trilogy great place.... no wait excellent place to start off if your new to the Mass Effect Series. Give me a break, I can still see some good old BioWare in here but EA is a poison slowly consuming BioWare, won't be long now.

If they had some one with enough of a brain they would try and market their first two games to those who haven't played it. Its called a triology for a reason. Don't have a decent PC then go get it for xbox 360. Don't want to buy and 360, borrow it from a friend and rent the game. Still don't want the an MS product in your house. Then get the PS3 version with the comic and ME2, but for the love of God don't just start at ME3.

How does that saying go. Too many many chefs/hands spoil the brew/ in the pot. I laugh at the fact that the story in ME1 (IMO) was better than the "character based" story in ME2. Lets face it Geth/Saren/Sovereign > Collectors/Harbinger/Terminato r T-800. My Beef was that there was never a confrontation between harbinger and shepard like sovereign and shepard. Ohh the Arrival DLC doesn't count.

Stuff that is Cannon and very important to the main storyline shouldn't be DLC! Lair of the Shadow Broker and Arrival should have been in game. Anyways i'm sure plenty of people will disagree so if you do have the decency of posting your thoughts on the matter.

Edit: my too many hands in the pot was geared towards the writers.

MasterD9192382d ago

I guess I'm the only one that actually thinks ME3 will be fantastic and potentially could be the best game of the series.

ArchangelMike2382d ago

ME3 is will be awesome. nuff said.