Nielsen: WoW, PS2 Remain Top-Played

The Nielsen Company has released its latest videogame findings, which show World of Warcraft leading PC gaming and PS2 still trouncing competition in console usage.

Seeing World of Warcraft at the top of the US PC gaming usage list isn't that big of a surprise, although the gap between first and second place is still staggering (17 hours per week for WoW compared to around five hours for The Sims).

On the console front, last-gen consoles still rule in US households in terms of usage. PS2 captured 42 percent of all measured console minutes, while Xbox garnered 14 percent. Xbox 360 had 12 percent while PS3 had 3 percent.

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HarryEtTubMan3940d ago

hahahahahahahahahaahahhahaha PS3 is about to come on strong... PS2 STILL PWNS YOU XBOTS

eagle213939d ago

over 42 million U.S. homes and like 45 million EU homes have ps2. It shows how dumb it is to doubt Sony when over 15 million ps2's were sold in 2006 (the #1 selling home console that year) alone. hmmmmm?

DarkSniper3939d ago

At Sony, The Playstation brand is rich with depth among three currently selling products. The PLAYSTATION 3®, Playstation 2, and Playstation Portable.

With solid sales in 2007, the Playstation 3 is looking to overthrow XBOX 360 in it's final continent of destination, USA. While doing this, the financial gain for Sony is still seeing positive numbers due to the PLAYSTATION 3®'s only true competitor being the Playstation 2.

Reports are brewing that more and more XBOX 360's are reaching their end each day. And ultimately, this will see the demise of the XBOX division of Microsoft. Due to it's gaming division never seeing profits since it's inception in 2001, it does not make any business sense to continue a franchise that does not bring in money.

More importantly, this is Dark $niper's message to all Microboys. Regardless of what you may spin inside your own head, the reality is WORLDWIDE, people are still playing SONY systems more than yours.

These are undebatable facts by Dark $niper himself. Even the clueless can not disagree.


nirwanda3938d ago

the DS is outselling everything and the wii outsells the PS2

name3939d ago

PC and Playstation gaming ftw.

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