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Square Enix has promised that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be an huge improvement on its predecessor and it’s clear to see that they are determined to make some major developments, so much so that it has all become a little overwhelming. But just what have they changed for the new game and will it be for the better? Decide for yourselves after reading Kevin's hands on impressions from the demo and all the inside facts.

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Chris Evans2292d ago

Played a bit of FFXIII on the 360 and really wasn't impressed. Went back to playing FFIX on the PS3 and found joy. Hopefully they can get the series back on track.

Leonesaurus2292d ago

I just recently played both FF IX and FF XIII for the first time and I'm enjoying both. I'm still playing both, but plan to finish them and play more after. FF XIII, then XIII-2, then back to IX and finish that one up.

I think they slipped a bit along the way with FF XIV and XIII in some areas, mostly with XIV, but I do think they're on the right track again thanks to fan feedback and their drop in sales causing them to work harder.

kev9872292d ago

FFXIII was a hard slog but I enjoyed it in the end... it just took a while to get there.

From the outset Square Enix look like they have really listened and taken in what the fans wanted from part 2. With the change in tone and improvements to gameplay I think this is going to be a cracking addition to the FF series!

Only time will tell.