PS Vita sales not a concern, says Sony

CVG: While the system sold 325,000 units in its debut week last month, the platform holder revealed on Tuesday that the figure had only grown to half a million by January 5.
Nevertheless, Sony Computer Entertainment America director of hardware marketing John Koller told GameSpot sales were tracking to internal company forecasts.

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Prcko2349d ago

Sony is strong company,just imagine how much ps2 systems they sold 150 million guys,150 MILLION!!!
Vita gonna sell,it's japan atm but when it comes to rest of the world vita gonna be strong,and sony gonna be pleased with sales after couple of months

aceitman2349d ago

and when a good japan game comes out it will start to sell more . also they are testing sony it didnt sell the best but its still selling well . 3ds sold bad and they dropped the price . and thats what there waiting for once they see sony wont drop it will start to pick up. and if u total all sony products there making good.

darthv722349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

some will get it at launch but I am betting most will get one when the game(s) they want for it are available.

In relation to ps2 sales (@prcko) the majority of its sales were when the price and selection of games made it appealing to the consumer. Its huge diverse library made it a winner as there was something for everyone.

PSP is like that now and the Vita will continue the trend in time. I'm not worried about it and neither should anyone else. could also be that the game(s) consumers were looking for came out at the right time. Price makes a big difference but selection of games to go along with the price makes a bigger difference.

ronin4life2349d ago

3ds didn't do this "bad" in its own launch frame, though. In fact, the only time it sold terribly was right after the price drop was announced and the immediate week before it occurred, for obvious reasons.

sikbeta2349d ago

Step yo gameh up Sony! :P

Want this thing to succeed, want to be a supporter as well, but Damn, SCE really know how to shoot themselves in the foot :(

New disappointing news, no online MP for MNR, when even the PSP version had it XP

smashcrashbash2349d ago

According to three week sales they seem to have sold the amount they shipped so I don't see why it should be a problem. Not to mention the fact that the PS1 and PS2 both dropped in sales after the first week and went on to sell hundreds of millions of units.

Drekken2349d ago

No. Common sense isn't allowed here!

ronin4life2349d ago

The vita has the entire sony legacy behind it, something the ps1 and 2 didn't have.
And the initial shipment has to have been supplemented by further shipments, so it is hardly selling out.

SandwichHammock2349d ago

Man, can't wait for this thing, although I do have some gripes. I really hope they get the PSOne classics going on US launch, plus some release news in regards to Ruin would be welcome.

On a slightly related note, I realized the other day that Transfarring/Continous Play has been around for quite some time now. I'm currently playing Chrono Cross and found out you can move your PS3 save onto your PSP and start where you left off. boss. Speaking of which, Sony should have cloud support for PSOne saves.


BX812349d ago

Just put my money down on PSV, Uncharted and the starter kit. Can't wait for everything to drop!

eferreira2349d ago

same here, the os is miles a head of the ugly 3ds one

MasterCornholio2349d ago

When I watch Vita videos I never get tired of seeing the OS in action. The Vitas OS seems extremely slick and a whole lot of fun to use. In my opinion out of the two handhelds the Vita has the best OS.


raytraceme2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I got the vita a week ago and it rocks!!! I love the multitasking sony implemented into the os and there is NO LAG at all in the interface.

Only thing I want is flash (1080p youtube video) and html video support.

Also the speakers are REALLY good. Playing Uncharted golden abyss the audio is really good.

Music through my klipsch x10 headphones sounds better to me than my old iPhone 4s and my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I am glad they didn't go cheap on the audio chip.

This is a recommended buy to all that were about to buy an ipod touch.

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