Xbox Takes 40% of 2011 U.S. Video Game Sales, Digital Sales on the Rise

So if you’re wondering who was the top dog in the console market in 2011 (You know, to fuel your pitiful fanboy discussions) it happened to be the Xbox 360. Bare in mind that was exclusively U.S. retail sales that consisted of console hardware, accessories, games and portable gaming.

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DesVader2322d ago

Actually...I am suprised. PS3 is better hardware, but I suppose its a price thing and the Kinect has done well as opposed "move", which I think was a c#$p reactive move on the part of Pony, er Sony.

granthinds2322d ago

I believe the hacks have unfortunately affected the uninformed majorities.

darthv722321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

it isnt about the power its about the price and diversity in software. In other console generations, the unit that had the more consumer appeal also had a more diverse selection of games.

2600 had it
NES had it
PS1 had it
PS2 had it
right now the 360 has it.

Diversity supersedes exclusivity and capability.

If anyone can recall the genesis vs snes generation they will find it parallels this generation more than any other. Trading blows back and forth while having some of the best games on each platform. 360 in the Genesis role and the PS3 as the SNES.

People will note that by the end of that one the SNES did surpass the Genesis. Yet during that time Sega gave nintendo a serious run for their money and earned a new found respect by even the most die hard nintendo fan.

Biggest2321d ago

Also. . . NPD. These numbers only mean anything in the US. The rest of the world, which is kinda big, may not follow the same pattern. But you guys already know this.

gamingdroid2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )


Actually, the recently released data suggest this mirrors worldwide overall as well.

Consider Sony announced 3.9 million consoles sold for November-December Worldwide during the hottest selling season where almost half of them were sold in the US.


MS announce 9 million for the quarter WORLDWIDE.


You tell me how Sony's gonna catch up with 5 million in October when they didn't sell that during the hottest shopping season of the year?

Unless you think hottest selling season in Europe and Japan is in October....

Mastarace2321d ago

xbox 1 is better hardware than ps2 and that didn't work for them either. 360 has more ram and better gpu which is hwy 90 percent of multiplat are better on it.

lelo2play2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I have to agree... Xbox 1 (even with a hard drive) had much better hardware then the PS2, and that didn't help it. Just because one console has better hardware then the other, doesn't mean it will automaticlly sell more.

ZippyZapper2321d ago

"Lmao..." is what people say when they don't have anything to say. Prove him wrong.

AdmiralSnake2321d ago


I'm laughing because almost all multiplatform these days are almost identical.

The difference isn't really that much because the developers got the hang of the PS3 hardware.

Lmao it has nothing to do with saying anything. They just needed to learn how to code their games better. Prove me wrong now ^_^.

ShoryukenII2321d ago

The PS2 had way more games. But what if the Xbox had great games with its great hardware? Then it would be in the position that the PS3 is in right now.

kreate2321d ago

Xbox1 had a better hardware than ps2 in terms of what exactly? It couldnt even play dvds out of the box. It didnt have games to really show the power difference.

Foliage2321d ago

PS3 and 360 have the same amount of RAM; run along junior, you obviously know absolutely nothing about what you are talking about.

The processor is what matters, and the 360 is no where in the league of the PS3.

The multi-plat argument has been put to bed 3-4 years back, get with the times. The thing that matters is exclusives, where you can truly judge what a console is capable of without being tied down to serving the limitations of the dated hardware of another console (the 360). It's not even possible to have an argument against the PS3 dominating in the quality of their exclusives. First, you would have to have exclusives worth mentioning on the 360; which is enough of a hassle, since they are few and far between. Then you have to find a 360 game that can compete with PS3 titles from 4 years back. Good luck competing with the latest PS3 titles, the 360 is too limited to stand a chance.

Sorry kid, grow up... or leave the technical topics to the adults.

baodeus2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


Ok, i'm an adult, so let discuss tech then. Explain in details the differences between x360, and Ps3; i don't mind technical terms either (i actually prefer it). How about the differences between CPU, GPU, Ram, etc...and how do they affect games made on x360 vs ps3?

Let discuss technical aspect between ps3 exclusives game as well: Here are a couple of games for comparison. Tell me how each of them utilize the tech inside the x360 and ps3, and why ps3 is miles a head of x360 part.

Explain them in according to your own knowledge (since u claim u know about technical topics), not just posting technical sites discussion. I mean u can used them as supporting evidences, but emphasizes what they actually means.

Halo Reach vs. KZ3
Gears vs UC
Forza vs GT
Fable vs. ?

Discussion topic:
Frame rate
Split screen/3D
Polygon, texture,
# object rendering

I really want to learn from u since it looks like u know what u are talking about. I'm all ears. I think i finally found someone who could tell me, which might be u foliage, i hope u could enlighten me.

Projekt7tuning2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Ah, I love N4G lol.

You can almost feel the love through the keyboard lol.

itsallgud2321d ago Show
ps3dude442320d ago

!mastarace WOW are you joking or trolling?

the 360 and ps3 have 512mb of ram.

and the ps3's cpu is more powerful than 360's.

WOW...such ignorance. i wonder how many accounts you have because anybody with a brain would have not agreed with you.

gamingdroid2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )


I think Mastarace is referring to the shared memory architecture that allows more flexibility in how you allocate your RAM on the Xbox 360.

That means on the Xbox 360, the GPU can have access to more RAM than on the PS3 despite both systems have equal amount of RAM total. GPU memory needs tend to outstrip CPU needs for games.

An example of this is Rage, where there are far more texture pop-ins on the PS3 version than the Xbox 360.

spacedelete2320d ago

you would think that as the Xbox 1 released 2 years after the PS2 so you would expect it to be most powerful but power doesn't mean everything. PS2 won because of the amount of good games and also had some nice looking games itself.

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Frankfurt2322d ago

Keep finding excuses, guys, and ignore the fact sites like digital foundry actually list which console has 80-85% of the better multiplats (the 360).

sazzrah2321d ago

By better you mean minute graphical differences that normal sane people who don't squint at super blown up HD side-by-side screenshot comparisons wouldn't even notice?

Very rarely do the graphical differences in multiplats result in a different gaming experience or any reduced enjoyment for the player; that's the only "fact" worth knowing. The people at Digital Foundry and Lens of Truth would almost certainly agree with that too.

Back on topic, the crucial point here is that this 40% is with regards to the US only. It's rather well known that the Xbox dominates in the US but is equal if not slightly behind the PS3 in Europe and is far, far, faaaar behind the PS3 in Japan. Total worldwide sales would paint a more accurate picture.

Ryo-Hazuki2321d ago

Xbox leads in U.S and UK but everywhere else PS3 leads

hellvaguy2321d ago

Japan is smaller than California. If I were a business owner, Id prefer winning the sales war in the U.S. 20 fold over Japan. But alas, Im just a mere gamer, so meh w/e.

Bundi2321d ago

By better he means Skyrim. Xbox 360 managed to ship 66 million worldwide in total so I don't think they are doing too badly.
Lol everywhere else? Canada too? How about Namibia? Egypt? China? If you say so.

suicidalblues2321d ago

@ sazzrah

You know you're going to get negged into oblivion. That 2% more screen tear makes every multi-plat unplayable on ps3. And don't even get me started on the difference between 29.3 frames a second and 28.7 frames a second. /s

SoapShoes2321d ago

@Hellvaguy - Yeah you have proven your gaming idiocy. Yes the U.S. is bigger(in land mass and gaming/overall population) but it being smaller than California is irrelevant. The Tokyo metro area has the same population as California alone!

Biggest2321d ago

So what dude!? Alaska is really, really big. It's so much more important than New York!

ZippyZapper2321d ago

Here comes the excuse train... CHOO CHOO!

ShoryukenII2321d ago

Canada is exactly the same as the U.S. The only difference is that we have crappy television, are usually excluded out of promotions and other things and don't have as many guns. :)

wicked2321d ago

Japan don't buy western games. Have you seen their game chart! So 6 million ps3`s sold in japan don't count to westren game manufacturers.

Projekt7tuning2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

You know the population thing itself is pretty interesting to me, so I did some checking. You said Tokyo has the same population as california itself, and I though wow that place really grew this year. So here you go.

(The population of Tokyo was approximately 12,790,000.) Very impressive indeed.
(The population of California on January 1st 2011 is approximately 37,254,376.) Thats a pretty big state, and that obviously doesn't include all the illegal immigrants.

But was is also impressive is Japans population given it size.
(The population of Japan on January 1st 2011 is approximately 127,218,889.)

The Population of the US is estimated at 320,000,000. and if you wanna throw Canada in there it's another 35,000,000. Not to offend any Canadians but I kinda count you guys as nearly the same country. Like two neighboring states lol.

So you can check my information if you like. Most of the numbers used came from True
But yea, Tokyo is a little smaller than all of California.

Biggest2321d ago

Way to correct the guy that responded to the extremely off base original comment. Yes, Tokyo the city has a smaller population than California the state. Japan the nation has a huge population, and for anyone to say that its small land mass means it doesn't matter (talking about hellvaguy) is asinine.

Projekt7tuning2321d ago

@ Biggest
I genuinely find useless knowledge like population stats interesting, I also enjoy looking at city skylines, and enjoy long walks on the beach lol.

SoapShoes2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Yes Projekt, but I said Tokyo Metro area, not Tokyo. It's Tokyo and all of the surrounding cities. It's at 35 million as of 2007.

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Imalwaysright2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Meh i rather have exclusives to choose from than having multiplatforms that are 1% better.

@ ShoryukenII Canada has as many guns as the States. The difference between you and the yankees is that you dont act as cowboys ready to pull the trigger on anything that moves!

Prophet-Gamer2321d ago

Multiplats are sometimes slightly better on 360 simply because they're made on 360 and then ported. If you really want to see the graphical difference, compare exclusives made from the ground up on each console. The PS3 blows the 360 away in those comparisons.

Slade2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Let me correct some erroneous information

" going up 7% to $7.24 billion. This figure includes downloadable content, social media gaming, mobile gaming, Steam and Blizzard-like services and rental services."

How much of that is only steam and mobile gaming? BECAUSE THATS ALL THAT MATTERS, and thats all the companies receive

Theres a reason why new game physical sales are over 85 percent of the revenue. Its the economy why there was a drop from about 90 percent.

People want physical for new games period

"under-performing 3DS sales"

Is that why it outpaced the ds first year in 8 months time?

Next year expect the 3ds to crush it. Especially with a remodel and the exclusive games.

GraveLord2321d ago

...In the US.

US is not the entire world. PS3 wins when you count worldwide sales.

FUN FACT: The PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 for 3 years in a row worldwide.

Mastarace2321d ago

wrong,360 actually won in 2008 by a bit. also fun fact 360 has not price cut in 3 years. fact is ps3 is still last place 5 years in worldwide. Also you realize this is an npd article right? U.s is the biggest and most important market for gaming.

AdmiralSnake2321d ago

U.S is the biggest and most important market for gaming ? Laughable, it would depend on what type of games you're marketing for the U.S.

Also the 360 has A LOT of deals around the holiday Season which = price cut. You're a bit uninformed with what you're talking about.

ShoryukenII2321d ago

I think that the U.S. is the biggest market for Microsoft's target: the Kinect crowd. But to say that the U.S. is more important than the rest of the world is just ignorant. You should be embarrassed and stop posting nonsense.

Dlacy13g2321d ago

@GraveLord... PS3 "had" outperformned the 360 for 3 years in a row worldwide. It's looking like that is not the case this year.

Regardless of who outsold who...both consoles seem to be doing well in their dominant markets right now.

Tony-A2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

For this year as in 2012? I would have to disagree.

The PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide (like it normally does) since the holiday shopping season ended on New Year's Eve. Current sales figures (although we only have about a week or two's worth of numbers for 2012 so far) show the PS3 outselling the 360 worldwide like it usually does after the big Christmas shoppings.

Worldwide, the 360 seems to sell more units on holidays, whereas the PS3 outsells it the rest of the year. Ultimately, it always adds up to the PS3 just slightly edging out the 360 for fiscal year total sales by a few hundred thousand units.

Case in point: Holiday Season 2011. The 360 outsold the PS3 throughout most of November and December (the two biggest shopping months in the US, which is why they always sell more at that time). Even with this, however, the PS3 outsold the 360 in 2011 totals by a couple hundred thousand or so.

But I do agree about their market dominance. PS3 seems to be the preferred home console now in Japan, while the 360 takes US by storm. Europe seems to be a 60-40 to 70-30 split with them at times, though.

Dlacy13g2320d ago

@Dweezy91...that was my error ...was supposed to imply 2011 total sales. As to your comment of the PS3 edging out the 360 in 2011, where are you getting that info from? Numbers released indicated otherwise.

Tony-A2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Not sure if you thought I was referring to US totals or worldwide, but I was referring to worldwide. I don't think the PS3 ever outsold the 360 for a year total (I could be wrong).

I'm also not sure what other numbers you're referring to.

Dlacy13g2320d ago

@Dweezy91...ahh vgcharts, makes sense now. Vgcharts is even less accurate than NPD numbers as its formula is largely speculative. I prefer to go off the numbers actually reported by the companies as too often the likes of vgcharts are considerably off.

MS stated 66milion , I will take their word over VGCharts just as I will trust Sony's reporting as well as Nintendo's.

Tony-A2320d ago

ahh, I see where you're coming from, now. I was confused by what you meant since I've only found the estimates and not official numbers.

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