The Last Of Us new info in next Official PlayStation Magazine UK

Official PlayStation Magazine ed Ben Wilson just tweeted a shot of the next OPM cover out at the end of January, with The Last Of Us star Ellie on the cover. The mag has a huge feature on the Uncharted 3 developer’s next game, including a studio visit to meet and interview Naughty Dog, so it’s packed with info to follow on from the The Last Of trailer debut at the VGAs. Ben had this to say:

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geniusgamerdoc2379d ago

I can Hardly wait for some Cool new DETAILS regarding this game.

Off it goes to my 2012s Most Anticipated games along with other Big-hitters like TWISTED METAL, BIOSHOCK INFINITE, MASS EFFECT 3 And TOMB RAIDER!!!

M4I0N32379d ago

is it me, or does ellie look alot more like ellen page?

Why o why2379d ago

many have said the same thing

M4I0N32378d ago

i know but the picture they've used on the front of the mag resembles her alot more than the ones shown previously.

Alabaster2379d ago

Can't wait! Hopefully they'll announce a release date, which is unlikely but it would make my day.

Inception2378d ago

Patience my friend. I think they will announce the release date in E3, along with gameplay trailer.

Bioshocking2378d ago

Or on Late Night with Jimmy Falon. Remember Nd showed the first uncharted 3 gameplay on his show? Anyways I'm in the same boat. I want some gameplay too.... I'll even settle for screenshots... Come on Nd

Fishy Fingers2378d ago

I'm hoping we'll get to see some gameplay soon. I mean, as good as the teaser was, I'm not going to get too caught up in the hype based on that alone.

Bioshocking2378d ago

Sigh. The uk magazine is so much better than the us one. Why we get no The Last of Us and Bioskock Infinite and Mass Effect 3 coverage?

Fishy Fingers2378d ago

In this day and age does it make much difference. Just check out the scans which will surely be uploaded, probably before the official release date of the mag :/

gunnerforlife2378d ago

its abit different to actually having the magazine in your hands and just reading it, page by page, the only reason i dont buy the PMUK is because it costs like £4-5 :/

ExCest2378d ago

Well, we never get anything.

Our PSN store is the shabbiest of all the other countries. All of them get special themes for holidays and are organized well. We get nothing. Christmas time, what do we get? A squiggly line.

It's no surprise our PSMag gets nothing as well. SUCKS

vikingland12378d ago

The teaser was all in game engine like UC so it will look good.I think the difference will be the way they look when you controll them maybe a little clunky but it will have very good graphics.If that makes any sense.

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