UMK 3 X GZDOOM TOB Beta 2 Released; Play Mortal Kombat Trilogy Online

DSOGaming writes: "This is awesome. No no no, this is beyond awesomeness. I’ve always wanted to play Mortal Kombat online and to my surprise, this Doom mod offers exactly that in a pretty cool way. Modder ‘Doomero’ has released the second beta version of his UMK 3 X GZDOOM TOB, that let’s you play online, a mix between UMK3 and MK Trilogy in Doom. This mod is only compatible with gzdoom tob, and the file contains all you need: skins foldier (contain the mk wad), gzdoom tob, zlauncher (multiplayer), fmodex, etc, see the readme for more instuctions."

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