EDGE review scores - February 2012

The latest EDGE review scores include SoulCalibur V, a surprising score for Resident Evil: Revelations, a 1/10, and more.

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Optical_Matrix2295d ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that Resident Evil Revelations was marked down due to possible poor controls due to the restrictive single slide pad or some other control related issue. Game seems fine when I look at it. Ah well, can't wait to get it at the end of the month.

Danteh2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

lol? RE: Revelations a 6? From what I had heard this was going to be an amazing game which would go back to RE's roots...

now I don't know what to think although Edge's scores are usually quite strange, to say the least

Tanir2294d ago

totally gettin sc5, cant stop thinkin bout it :P

But as for RE: revalations, yeah i imagine it to be because of the lack of analog, thats why im waiting till the finished 3ds comes out and dont have to worry about a tacky add on or bad controls on games. im sure kingdom hearts dream drop distance will be hurt from this aswell as any shooter or action oriented game like monster hunter etc.

ronin4life2294d ago

This "finished" 3ds may never happen. Only if the slidepad takes off will Nintendo even consider splitting the user base, and that might be a couple of years from now.

jtenma2294d ago

lol you and me both Tanir.

Deja vu?

I said this before about the character customization system. I love it in this game!!!!!


jc485732294d ago

I bet Capcom already has a Vita version. Yea, they cancelled it, but I think is BS.

Darkfocus2294d ago

shoulda got one on boxing day or black friday I got one for $80 so I expect it'll pretty much trade in around the same value when they announce news of a new model.

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Jason1432294d ago

got a 9 in game informer. consider the source for this article.

Cloudberry2294d ago

And I love Corpse Party; creepy story, wonderful soundtrack.

6 / 10 shouldn't be a problem.

It's the same score they give Yakuza 3 too.

Acquiescence2294d ago

Looking good for SoulCalibur V. Thinking I may have to buy that.

MWH2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

7 for Trine 2? i say at least 8, the game is fantastic! what a pitty some people can't simply enjoy their games.

i'm getting Soul Calibur V.

kingdavid2294d ago

Why would you say they didnt enjoy it with a 7/10 rating?

MWH2294d ago

because it's a 7/10 rating, which's a score you don't give to a game you fairly enjoyed.

MWH2294d ago

"lol"? is that what it's about? well i'm glad you're entertained but lol @ yourself dear..

i thought you were starting an objective exchange of opinions but now i'm sure you can't be part of a decent discussion.

but perhaps you're 14, then what do i know?

Biggest2294d ago

There is no decent discussion to be had with a person that thinks 7/10 means "didn't enjoy" in the context of entertainment media. Stop worrying about age and pay more attention to what 7/10 means.

ShoryukenII2294d ago

That is a 7/10.

We're talking about video games here not movies. A 70% movie would be great but that isn't the case for games. It is called the 7-9 scale (I think that's right) for a reason. A 7 is not a good rating and I don't believe that Trine deserves that. Although it is the reviewers opinion, that doesn't give the reviewer the right to give any game a bad review. What if someone tried to give Metal Gear Solid 4 a 0%? I know that giving Trine a 7/10 is not exactly like that but it is still an average review.

Hozi2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

If I'm not mistaken, a 7/10 means "mediocre"...Trine 1 for me was at least a 9 or "Great"

NOTE: Every site seems to have a diff. grading scale, so a 7 to you may not mean the same to me.

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Redempteur2294d ago

it's edge ..don't think too hard about it ..

Disccordia2294d ago

It only scored one lower than the score you think it deserves ffs it's not like you and the reviewer had a radical difference of opinion! What a pity some people can't simply read past a review score.

gigreen2294d ago

7 is a great score for a game that is good, but not that special.

Remember, Edge's review system is not inflated like most other magazines.

Robotronfiend2294d ago

I would say it was alright. Slightly better than average, but far too easy. Visually it was rather pretty, and the puzzles were entertaining. But again it was FAR too easy. This doesn't change my enjoyment of it, but you can actually get all achievements or trophies without even finishing the game.

If I used a school grading system i'd say a C (70 - average). If it was a full, honest 1-10 rating... maybe a 5.5 or 6. There was a lot of style but very little substance or challenge.

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Perjoss2294d ago

Edge is one of the few review sites / mags that do not rate games on a scale of 7 to 10, but instead the full range of 1 to 10, the way it should be. I'm not saying I agree with their review scores, just the fact they are not afraid to use all the numbers between 1 and 10.

ShoryukenII2294d ago

But I think that is it better if they do because when someone sees a 7/10, they'll compare it to a 7/10 from another site. That's what I did and if I didn't know any better, I'd assume that Trine isn't much good (if I only read Edge). I think that they should use a letter grading system if they want to use everything.

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