Gran Turismo 5, the X2010 on display at the 2012 Tokyo Car Showroom

With locations in-game to try it!
Polyphony Digital has introduced a booth at the Tokyo Gran Turismo 5 Car Showroom 2012 with a 1:1 reproduction of the X2010, the car produced in collaboration with the driver Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull.
To these will be also given the opportunity to experience this high-powered car from 400 km / h around a preview on the new track included in the upcoming DLC, or the Special Stage Route X contained in the Oval Speed ​​Test Pack announced this article along with the third car pack where you can find more details.
We recall that the title is available from November 17, 2010 exclusively for the Playstation 3 with 3D support.

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mayberry2227d ago

Such a technical marvel, if it could actually be made! Scary to drive in-game!

TheKindRoost2227d ago

It can be made but it'll practically be the most useless technical marvel ever built as it's to loud and too fast for modern day track regulation. but most importantly finding a driver who'll be able to withstand the extreme g-force.

hennessey862227d ago

could drive that to its fullest

IHateYouFanboys2227d ago

it could be made, but it literally wouldnt work, as there is no tyre compound in the world that could handle the forces put on it.

Hicken2227d ago

@Yellow13: It's designed ignoring all regulations, simply pushing for the fastest possible vehicle on a track. Crashing it most likely means death.

@Fanboys: I'd assume that they'd have to develop a special compound specifically for the car. Perhaps something akin to the motor triathlon vehicles.

@hennessey: No human as we know it, anyway. Perhaps some sort of cyborg or something; maybe someone who was "built" for the purpose of driving the car.

It'd be sweet to drive this thing, even if all I did was start it up and drive it straight into a wall, exploding into a glorious ball of death!